Beck Prosper procures a DOC defibrillator. - Almas Industries

Beck Prosper procures a DOC defibrillator.


Beck Prosper is a world class manufacturer and stockholder of high integrity bolting primarily servicing the global energy, oil and petrochemical industries. The factory manager, Mr Blackey, approached Almas Industries as they were looking to introduce an onsite defibrillator onto the premises as an extra piece of first aid equipment to ensure workforce forces security.

We had the piece of kit here that can mean difference between life and death. The main draw to choosing the DOC defibrillator was the fact that you are connected to an operator by the inbuilt phone as soon as you remove it from its case, this set is apart from others we were looking at and after discussing with our staff, they all said they would be more comfortable to use the equipment with that added extra support.

Almas were first class from the start of the process to the end result of the defibrillator being installed. They were not pushy with their sales approach and kept us informed and updated at all stages of the process. This is now sited in our factory outside of the office door and in easy reach for all staff, visitors and other companies on our estate.”

Thankfully we have not yet use the defibrillator but this has been serviced in a fast and efficient manner when due and I would not hesitate in recommending Almas to anyone thinking of having this life saving piece of kit at their company.