TIOC Security Cameras Highlights

The 3-in-1 active deterrent cameras stop intruders in their tracks with a loud siren and flashing lights. This cutting-edge technology detects possible threats and efficiently deter attackers is effective in protecting your business and site from intruders and vandals.

Day/ Night Full-colour

Traditional CCTV cameras give black and white images at night.
TIOC delivers colour pictures both day and night, greatly improving the ability to identify suspects.

Siren and Light

With red blue light and 110dB siren, TIOC cameras can actively warn off intruders before they get close to your buildings by protecting your grounds. The ARC operator can challenge the intruder through the 2-way speaker, they know they have been detected.

Powerful AI functions

AI allows for ‘virtual’ perimeter creation to protect sites out of hours.
AI also greatly reduces false alarms, as only people and vehicles will trigger the system. New advanced functionality allows you to search footage by specific parameters to speed up incident investigation.

IP67 Protection

TIOC Security cameras are resistant to dust, water, and moisture ingress. They are robust and reliable for consistent protection.

Visual Verification

TIOC coupled with an AI recorder can be configured to verify pre-programmed faces in database. That is, should you have a list of unauthorised users (such as a convicted shoplifter), if that person enters your site, the camera can alert the manager.

Intelligent Alerts

Motion detection, video tampering, scene manipulation, audio detection, intrusion, tripwire, and more can all be configured so you can make your security camera work for you.

The Active Deterrent series combines traditional CCTV system functions with the added bonus of an intruder alarm. The cameras in this range are equipped with flashing lights, sirens, and connectivity to an alarm system. The high-definition, full-coluor footage captured throughout the day and night can be used as evidence if action is needed.

False alerts are minimised

The advanced intelligence feature in this system only detects people and vehicles, significantly reducing the number of false alerts.

Verbal challenge of unauthorised intruders

This system allows you to pre-program voice messages to challenge intruders or live communication through the speakers to inform them that action is being taken.

Real-time alerts

You can set virtual tripwires in this system, which will trigger a real-time alert. If the camera detects motion and the tripwires are crossed out of hours, an alert will be sent to your smartphone or monitoring centre.



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Integrate TiOC with wider security solutions

Optima 360 Security Platform

Streamline your multi-level security with Almas’ 360 software platform, giving you a comprehensive view of all your security measures in one convenient location.

 Monitor CCTV cameras, intrusion alarm sensors, access control readers, and other detectors on one integrated platform.

 Easily access specific live camera feeds with a single click, open doors or gates with just a click, and automate security processes to reduce breaches and improve investigations.

 Create alerts for unauthorised access attempts or out-of-hours activities, and decrease the risk of theft.

 Get real-time notifications if doors are left open, and quickly review footage before, during, and after an incident, with automatic linking of evidence for fast and efficient investigations.”

Why Almas? The Right Security Solution, For Your Business

Almas will build you an integrated security solution to protect your site, assets and people. Full service solutions, advice on GDPR responsibilities and a range of payment options make Almas the logical choice.

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