Expensive Biometrics

Are Biometrics Expensive?

Almas Team

"Biometric technology delivers efficiencies and security beyond traditional access methods."

When we think of biometrics, sometimes the first thing that may come to our minds are the highly sophisticated devices that you may find in a sci-fi film. We may also think that this technology is extremely expensive and will cost a fortune. This cannot be further from the truth.

The point to consider is what could be the repercussions from a security breach. A resident or a child going missing (it’s happened) from a care home or nursery, can lead to devastating consequences and loss of reputation. Poor access control opens businesses up to loss of goods, stock and data.

Advances in biometric technology now make it affordable for most businesses – and the resulting gains in efficiency and control more than pay for the cost of installation and maintenance.

If you are looking for a safe, secure, and efficient way to protect your premises, biometrics are one of the best options. We’ve been working with biometrics for years including fingerprint and facial access control. Secure your business with effective security solutions today.

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