Self-Storage Facilities Security

Keep your customers’ property safe, secure and protected

Why do you need security for your self-storage facility?

Simply, it’s the no.1 expectation that your renters have; that you will keep their possessions or stock safe, secure and protected.

A great security system is convenient for your renters, easy to control for your management team and effective against would be intruders; see our Ultimate Guide to Self-Storage Security – free to download at the bottom of the page.


Here’s what our long-standing customer James Hay from Beyond Storage, had to say about Almas Industries solutions and service.


A CCTV system acts as a great deterrent, and if the worst happens, gives you undeniable proof of what happened. CCTV must cover all areas and deliver full colour HD footage whether it’s 2pm or 2am

Shows outside of storage facility with walls


Protect Your Perimeter With Active Deterrent CCTV Cameras

A great first line of defence; identify and deter unauthorised intruders the second they step onto the site.

  • Create a virtual barrier around your perimeter fencing; if crossed, a loud siren sounds, and blue and red flashing lights let the intruder know they’ve been detected
  • Challenge the intruder verbally, either with a pre-programmed message or real-time 2 way communication through the inbuilt speaker
  • Limit loss with swift alerts to keyholders or ARC monitoring centre
  • View cameras in real time on your smartphone
  • Advanced AI technology means only humans and vehicles are detected, no more false alerts from foliage or wildlife!


3-in-1 CCTV cameras are effective in deterring criminals 
  • See the intruder approach the ‘virtual’ tripwire and as they breach it, the camera is triggered.
  • The alert can be triggered one way, or both.
  • The blue/ red lights are clearly visible, we’ve not included sound because it’s really loud and annoying!
  • 24/ 7 colour images – day or night for effective identification of perpetrators




Full coverage of your site is vital. Security cameras deter antisocial behaviour and thieves, and if the worst happens, give you absolute evidence of what happened, and when.

If you’ve had your CCTV system in for a few years, you are missing out on new advanced technologies that will ensure your site is better protected and secure.

  • Update your existing analogue cameras, upgrade to IP or have a mix of both.
  • New greener technologies can also cut running costs.
  • Self-monitor or have an ARC monitor some or all your cameras for peace of mind that your site is under scrutiny 24/7 and any incidents will be quickly identified and acted upon.



You need flexible access control which is also effective outside traditional office hours. Access control that authorises legitimate users including renters, delivery drivers, management, staff, cleaners, removal companies… and also bars unauthorised intruders

Licence plate recognition camera


ANPR cameras linked to your access control and management software will automatically admit authorised users and log that they have entered or exited by reading the licence plate of their vehicle.

  • Set schedules and access times according to the account access rights by simply adding in the registration plate in the software.
  • Your gate access control system should integrate with your management software. When you onboard, offboard or suspend a user, the access control credentials should also update immediately.
  • Almas Industries software integrates with Storman software for a seamless user experience. If you’d like to talk about integration with alternative software, please get in touch, we’d love to work with you.

Bluetooth Access Control

New bluetooth readers are an effective, contactless way to allow entry and can be mounted on gate pedestals.

  • STid readers integrate with Optima Access Control software, allowing you to onboard and permit access for a new renter remotely. Access rights are conveyed on the STiD app and checked via bluetooth by the access control reader.
  • Secure offices housing customer and employee data for GDPR compliance and never have to worry about keys again! If employees leave, their access is easily revoked, with no need to get the locks changed.
  • Can also be sited on units if accountability over and above a padlock is required.

Video door / gate entry systems can also be a cost-effective way to give access to site or the main building. Multi-configuration options and the ability to grant access from a mobile offer flexibility. Additional options include biometric access control; fingerprint or facial and proximity fob readers.

Book your security audit to discover the best option for your self-storage site.

Alarm bell box and examples of contacts and PIRs


If your self-storage facility allows 24/7 access, then a site wide intruder alarm is unlikely to be feasible. However, zoned alarms protecting offices or individual units are sensible options.

  • Wireless detectors and door contacts can be easily sited in a unit, and moved should the next occupier not want an alarm option
  • Flood and CO2 detectors can also be included
  • Detectors are anti-tamper and have low battery alerts

It’s a flexible, affordable system that can be charged on a monthly basis to your renters as it’s easy to update or move should renters change.

We’ve been protecting UK businesses for over 16 years. We adhere to SSAIB protocols and our teams are vetted to BS858 standards. We will recommend the right solution for your self-storage facility and advise you of GDPR responsibilties.

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