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Seeking the Best Lone Worker Safety?

Choose a People Protection Expert

Almas Industries’ lone worker safety solutions blend cutting edge lone worker devices with full end to end support

Customised response monitoring strategies, underscored by a deep understanding of sector-specific risks, and adherence to stringent regulations.
We’re not just about compliance; we’re about setting new standards in lone worker protection, ensuring swift and appropriate assistance during any crisis.

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Advice on the right device, type of location and monitoring options for the specific risks your lone workers face.

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Professional setup with tailored configuration of the devices to your organisational and your lone workers’ needs.

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Support with clear effective comms and easy to use guides to ensure full utilisation by your team

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Post-launch, our commitment continues with further training, system adjustments, and a robust hardware guarantee, ensuring your peace of mind.

Discover the Perfect Lone Worker Device for Your Business

Couple an ergonomic, easily wearable device with the right alerts, features and monitoring.

safety watch

Safety Watch

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Lone Worker App

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Safe Box

bluetooth beacons

Indoor Location

Lone Worker Safety Watch

Industry leading protection in an ergonomic device.


SOS iconManual SOS alarm

fall iconInertia/ fall alert for medical emergencies when the casualty is unresponsive

2 way comms icon2-way communication with the monitoring centre

indoor/ outdoor location iconIndoor and outdoor location of lone worker in an emergency

battery iconBattery life up to 24 hours

Wear it your way – watch, lanyard, belt clip or arm band


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Lone Worker App – Simple protection for low-risk workers

Choose the device that’s right for the risks for your team.


SOS iconAggression Alert – SOS in the event of assault or threat

fall iconAccident Alert – manual or automatic detection of loss of verticality (fall) or inertia (when coupled with a wearable device)

indoor/ outdoor location iconInternal and External location of your lone worker

number pad iconProgrammable short cut keys

loud speaker iconSend site wide alerts to first aiders or call for an evacuation


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ATEX Box – for potentially explosive environments!


ATEX environment iconATEX/ IECEX approved, ATEX Zone 1/21 certified device

SOS iconAggression Alert; sound the alarm in the event of an attack or threat

fall iconAccident Alert – manual or automatic detection of loss of verticality (fall) or inertia

indoor/ outdoor location icon GPS or ATEX bluetooth beacons for internal and external location

waterproof iconRobust: dust ingress and waterproof to IP67 standards

loud speaker icon LOUD volume and vibrate function designed for noisy environments

2 way comms icon 2-way comms with monitoring centre


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Safe Box – for rugged environments

A compact and robust lone worker device for harsh environments


SOS iconManual SOS alert for an accident, assault or threatening situation

fall iconAccident Alert – manual or automatic detection of loss of verticality (fall) or inertia

waterproof iconWaterproof and dust proof to IP67

indoor/ outdoor location iconinternal and external location

2 way comms icon2-way communication with monitoring centre

Ideal applications for this lone worker solution include construction sites, factories or logistics hubs.


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Indoor Location – How can this be?

Utilising Bluetooth technology we can zone your indoor areas using Bluetooth beacons.


bluetooth beacon iconIn the event of an activation, the zone of the lone worker will be sent to the employer platform/ monitoring centre

Icon of a stopwatch showing 'quick'Speed up response times by knowing where your lone worker is exactly

mobile clock in iconAlert nearby 1st aiders via the app so they can respond quickly.


Find Out More About Location Options

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 Lone Worker Monitoring

Our lone worker monitoring solutions are designed to cater to diverse business needs.

Our cutting edge employer platform gives customers an overview of all their devices and alerts. Up to date information improves workflow and reaction times.


Your Employer Platform

A self monitoring approach is perfect for large single site operations that have the infrastructure to respond to all alerts quickly.

Features include;

Create tailored scenarios and automated actions by alert/ device/ group

 Send a request for help to 1st Aiders in the vicinity of an incident

Non-usage reporting allows you to monitor device adoption

Comprehensive overview of all your lone worker devices and alerts

ARC Monitoring

Get them help, fast

If your lone workers are in the field, visiting multiple sites, or remote areas, then the the additional reassurance of BS8484 certified lone worker monitoring may be the right choice.


Professionals trained to deal with emergency situations, from accidents to armed robbery
Overt or covert response according to the alert that your lone worker initiates
Full post incident reporting showing response times and actions taken


Get advice on the solution that aligns with your operational structure, geographical spread of lone workers, and your operational hours.

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Rapid 24/7 emergency support

Get help to your lone workers when they need it most
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An alert is activated, automatically or manually by the worker in distress. Alerts can be overt or discreet in threatening situations.

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The ARC operator attempts to contact the user, if it’s a genuine alert then they follow your set emergency protocol. Location is determined by GPS/ WiFi or Bluetooth.

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The right help is dispatched to your lone worker. Your contacts are notified. Follow up includes a report on the incident

Almas Industries – The Logical Choice For Your Lone Worker Safety

Expert consultants, engineers and support services ensure that your lone worker protection project is implemented seamlessly by our team.

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