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Why does every office and FM company need to ensure they have effective security and access control?

How do you ensure that only the right people are in the office at the right time? With the ongoing threat of Covid-19, it’s never been more important to know who is on your site, and when for time management, security and contact tracing. Adapt to the ‘new normal’ with Almas’ security solutions

Biometric Access Control

  • Which is the right biometric solution for your business?

    Only biometric access control can guarantee that only the people you authorise can enter your premises. Check who people are rather than what they have in terms of keys, cards or fobs; know exactly who is on site, and when. Alter access to adapt to new flexible working times and ensure safe socially distanced capacity isn’t exceeded.

  • Manage Access Effectively

    Logs can’t be falsified when you monitor access to areas that should be controlled using fingerprint door locks or facial access control. Personnel records, R&D areas or service rooms can be protected in addition to the main entrance for a complete solutions.
    Create alerts for unauthorised attempts or out of hours access.

  • Optional Fever and Mask Detection

    Protect your business and its ability to operate by monitoring temperatures while controlling access. One infectious employee or contractor could soon grind your business to a halt if unchecked.

    Facial access control readers with optional temperature and mask detection can be part of your Covid-19 prevention measures.

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CCTV and Risk Monitoring

  • Improve efficiency, safety and security

    Keep an eye on your premises from off-site with the mobile viewing app and have a record of any unwarranted out of hours activity.

    Health and safety claims can be quickly settled by reviewing actual footage of an event.

  • Save Time With ANPR

    The bane of many facilities managers, receptionists and security guards; car parks and giving access to Bob from accounts who has forgotten his fob again.

    ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) cameras cut down time by automatically acknowledging authorised vehicles and allowing them to pass.

    Couple with cameras in the car park to quickly clear up any bumps or scrapes!

  • Mass Temperature Detection

    If you want to take extra precautions to ensure your workforce aren’t carrying a fever into your business, individual or mass temperature detection thermal cameras allow you quickly identify potentially infectious individuals without slowing footfall.

    Accurate to internationals temperature standards, thermal cameras can be part of your Covid-19 risk prevention  measures.

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Time and Attendance

  • Flexible Time And Attendance Clocking In

    Part-time working, furlough, social distancing – managing office space and recording hours worked has never been so challenging for managers and HR.

    Can you prove hours worked from home?
    With our mobile app, home workers can clock in in the morning, with the option for them to have to take a photo on the app and upload it. When they clock out in the evening, it signals the end of the working day, important for a work/ life balance.

    Field workers can clock-in and out when they visit a customer site, giving you proof of when they arrived and how long they were there for.

  • Optional Temperature and Mask Detection

    Want the added benefit of checking that your team are fever free when they check in OnTime?

    Our facial recognition time and attendance tablet has the optional extra of temperature detection and can check users are wearing masks in mandatory environments.

  • Stop Time Theft

    It’s time for a flexible time management solution that effectively logs clocking in and out, stops buddy punching and saves your management team hours with clear and simple reporting.

    Time theft costs companies millions each year, it breeds resentment within the rest of your team if offenders aren’t identified. Treat everyone fairly and know that your timesheets are 100% accurate by using face, fingerprint or vein clocking in.

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Why Almas? The Right Solution, For Your Office’s Needs

Almas Industries understands the need for flexible security solutions. CCTV, biometric access control and time and attendance solutions, coupled with optional temperature and mask detection, meet the challenges of today’s world. Almas customers have access to a technical hotline 24/7 and strict support SLAs. Improve security and save management time by investing in a flexible and scalable solution..


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