Construction site security

Biometric solutions to streamline workforce management access control risks across the construction sector.

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European leader Almas Industries has partnered with innDex, a specialist site management software for the construction sector, to give contractors and site managers in the construction sector the tools they need to manage a safe, efficient and secure project.

Access Control and Site Security

  • Filter access with the most reliable technology

    Utilising biometric readers alongside our turnstiles gives you certainty that only authorised and qualified personnel can access site at any time; reducing the chance of members of public or non-authorised personnel accessing dangerous areas.

    Robust, easy to use and reliable facial access control or fingerprint readers that adhere to GDPR requirements and secure access to your site.

  • Stop theft and vandalism

    Access control, CCTV and perimeter intrusion solutions alert you swiftly to out of hours’ incidents; stop theft of valuable materials and vandalism; monitoring by an ARC allows operators to challenge intruders verbally and react swiftly to limit loss and damage.

    Monitor operations when off site with the mobile camera app for your smartphone.

  • Temperature Check Option

    Outbreaks of Covid-19 are shutting down sites across the construction sector in the UK and Ireland.

    Are you temperature checking contractors at the beginning of each day? A fever is the most prevalent symptom of Covid-19; making sure feverish individuals can’t access your site can be part of your Covid-19 risk prevention strategy.

    Don’t slow down the flow on and off site; our face scanners can verify access and check temperature – two in one.

    Mass temperature detection thermal cameras also available.

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Site Health and Safety Compliance

  • Reduce false accident claims and payouts

    Minimise compliance risk and reduce fraudulent claims by combining CCTV and biometric access control on site. Review footage of near miss events to prevent future accidents. Roll call software feature: know exactly who is on your site, and when.

    Produce up to date safety videos using regular drone flight footage of the construction site and incorporate your safety presentation into your site’s bespoke induction process.

  • Health and Safety Reporting on your Smartphone

    Use the innDex app for health and safety reporting, on the move which is easily viewed and reviewed and then collated into your project daily diary for your whole project team.

    Realtime and mobile monitoring of safety critical data; near miss reporting, prevent future accidents by acting on incident footage and reports.

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Streamline Site Inductions and Stop Time Theft

  • Biometrics are Better

    Suspect you’re being over-billed? Biometric access control coupled with time and attendance software ensures transparency across the project team around hours worked with noticeable productivity gains.

    Reduce over-billing by subcontractors due to the unfalsifiable nature of the data captured.

    Robust, easy to use and reliable face scanners or fingerprint readers that adhere to GDPR requirements and secure access to your site.

  • Save Time on Site Inductions

    Reduce the time taken to induct personnel onto site utilising the innDex digital app. The innDex system allows for a secure and seamless process when combined with unfalsifiable biometric access by Almas Industries.

    The one-off user profile creation allows users to pre-enrol onto your construction sites. The features embedded include: Right to work identity check, skills and competency verification, competency/document expiry notification and any bespoke site induction options you require, all of which is easily updated as the site changes.

    Once enrolled, users can move easily between your construction sites and you will know exactly how long they were on site for, to the minute.

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How much is time theft costing your project?

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Cost of time theft

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Contracts, GDPR & Service

Responsive and full-service support is on hand at all times with a central point of contact for servicing and training needs. With best in class components being used in the manufacture, our products are reliable and effective.

GDPR compliant and secure solutions, and guidance on what you need to do to adhere to the law if support is required.

Flexible contracts and payment solutions available to match your project length and requirements.

How do we do it?

All of your security needs are delivered through tailored technology to suit your exact business requirements


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    Security is important for a construction site as more often than not, they can be a prime target for vandalism and theft. These damages are both costly and can greatly delay projects.

    Due to the nature of the construction industry, sites are sometimes prone to hazards. Good health and safety processes can help to minimise the number of on-site risks and promote a safe working environment for staff.

    Safety monitoring on construction sites can be highly beneficial as it can help to prevent theft and vandalism, and also helps to protect both the staff and the business should any accidents occur.

    Whilst some construction companies may believe that they are exempt from GDPR regulations, this is not the case. GDPR applies to all workers, employees and contractors. Additionally, construction businesses will typically hold personal data about their customers and suppliers and must therefore ensure that they are compliant.

    Biometrics can provide your site with a more secure way to prevent unauthorised access to your site. This gives you the ability to know who is entering and leaving your site and ensures only the necessary people have access to certain parts of your building.

    A clear sign that displays the details of the organisation operating the system, the reason for the CCTV and its contact details. The construction site must ensure that it is an appropriate size for the location and are visible to everyone that may be able to view it. Additionally, the sign should be large enough that it can act as a deterrent.