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Which Access Control System Is Right For My Business?

Choose Accredited Security Installers

Almas Industries’ range of door entry and access control solutions are specified to meet the needs of your site, the flow of people and vehicles, the hours of operation and user experience. Systems cost from just £59 pcm.
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Advice on the right access control system, taking into account your site, the flow of people and vehicles, the hours of operation, level of security required and user experience

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Professional installation by our own engineers to SSAIB standards, site survey plan, on-site training and comprehensive user guides.

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Support with clear effective comms for your users, guidance and templates to help you stay compliant with data protection laws.

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Post-launch, our commitment continues with further training, system adjustments, and a robust hardware guarantee, ensuring your peace of mind.

Discover the Perfect Solution for Your Business

From simple intercoms to biometric access control, our access control solutions including specification, service and maintenance. Outright purchase or monthly payment options.

Optima Fingerprint reader

Fingerprint Scanner

almas face scanner

Face Scanners

3 examples of door stations for video intercoms

Video Intercoms

Bluetooth reader and mobile with StiD application for access control

Mobile Access

wireless door handle

Wireless Handles

Fingerprint Scanner 

High security, industry leading access control solution in a stylish and ergonomic device.

Icon of a stopwatch showing 'quick'Fast – opens door in less than 0.5s

exact icon showing target High Accuracy Rate 99.5+%

RFID icon Also accepts RFID fobs/ cards

waterproof iconRobust and Reliable – IP65 rating

battery icon Back up battery for up to 8 hours


More Info on Fingerprint Scanners

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An Almas fngerprint scanner with red highlight and display

Face Scanner – contactless, fast convenient

Icon of a stopwatch showing 'quick'Fast recognition in less than 0.2 seconds.

Handsfree icon Handsfree and contactless access

waterproof iconWaterproof and dust proof to IP65

indoor outdoor iconInternal and external location


Ideal applications for face scanners include offices, construction sites, factories or logistics hubs.

More Info on Face Scanners

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Video intercoms are ideal to manage occasional access

1:1 Icon 1:1 or 1:many configuration options

flexible icon with three arrows facing different waysRoute to different rooms and areas

loud speaker icon Audio only or video options

waterproof iconRobust: dust ingress and waterproof to IP67 standards


More Info on Intercoms

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Contactless and Convenient Bluetooth Readers

Use your smartphone as a key. A growing trend in access control solutions.

Integration icon denoted by interfitting jigsaw piecesIntegrated seamlessly with Optima  Software

Scalable iconScalable, plus mix and match with other access control readers

waterproof iconWaterproof to IP65 standards

number pad iconAccelerometer-based tamper detection system with key deletion option


More Info on Bluetooth Access

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woman using a mobile phone to open a door

Wireless Door Handles

Utilising RFID or Bluetooth technology to provide a neat retrofit solution to upgrade security.


icon of open doorHandles or cylinders which are easily fitted to existing or new doors

online iconOn or offline system. Choose offline for lower security areas

icon showing distance between 2 gps pointsFor remote buildings or areas on site or where cabling is difficult

More Info on Wireless Door Handles

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Proximity fob held against Uhlmann & Zacher wireless door lock

 Access Control Software

Our  Optima software is developed in-house to cater to diverse business needs when it comes to access control.

Our cutting edge 360 platform delivers an overview of all security and alerts. Up to date information improves security, incident management and efficiency.


Your Optima Access Control Software

A scalable, flexible software to manage all your access control system and wider security solutions in one easy-to-use platform.

Features include;

Create groups of access for different types of user, or sections of site

 Set validity periods for temporary or agency staff with automatic deactivation at the end of the period

Set alerts for unauthorised access attempts

Comprehensive overview of all your security systems, including CCTV and alarm with Optima 360 module.

Almas Industries – The Logical Choice For Your Access Control System

Expert consultants, engineers and support services ensure that your access control project is implemented seamlessly by our team.

Here’s what our customers say about us:

woman sitting on a stool in an office with the almas bear on the wall behind

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We’re passionate about creating an access control solution that’s tailored around your business. Our Security Consultants work with your specific needs and budget.


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We are here to help

Here are some of the most common questions that our customers ask about access control solutions

More FAQs for Access Control

Simply, it depends on your site, the usage and the flow of people and vehicles. Almas’ Security Audit will identify, with you, which system will be most effective and secure for your site.

From video door intercoms, fob and card readers, to face scanners, vein and fingerprint readers, we will design and install the best access control system for your business’ needs.


They aren’t free and they vary wildly depending on system, size and complexity of installation, manufacturer, quality and software.

What you don’t want is a poor quality access control system that’s easy to hack and where your site and users’ data won’t be secure.

We have monthly and outright purchase plus maintenance options to suit almost all budgets and costs start from £59 per month.


Almas Industries understands that investing in security can be costly for enterprises. We provide numerous payment choices to meet your financial circumstances, making these advanced security measures more accessible.

Our financing solutions make it possible to stretch the cost of your security and related services over time, making them more reasonable for enterprises of all sizes. Because of our customised solutions and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can have peace of mind knowing that your investment in an access control solution is not just an effective security precaution but also a financially affordable one.

Leasing vs Outright Purchase

We work with outright purchase +/ – maintenance and leasing models. Leasing allows you to spread the cost of your access control system and also wraps maintenance into the monthly payments. Investment in your business’ future proofing of security can also sometimes fall under capital expenditure with related tax allowances.

Access control is only effective if it’s operational! We recommend that our customers choose a maintenance plan and have bronze, silver and gold levels of support contracts for outright purchasing customers.

Contact our team of security experts to discuss the best payment plan for your company and begin reaping the benefits of advanced security today.

Any electronic system where personal data is stored is covered under the UK GDPR.

Any new system installation should be preceded by a privacy impact assessment, and your data protection policy should be updated. Good communication with and an explicit opt in in the case of biometric access control is best practice. You can read more about data processing here

The core benefit of an access control solution is that it ensures your business is secure and that only the right people can gain access to the right areas at the right times.

A reliable access control system eliminates the threats presented by uncontrolled entry points, unauthorised access to sensitive locations, and unsupervised visitor access.

A great access control solution also improves user experience and increases efficiency because it fits the specific needs of your business. It works with the flow of people, vehicles, information and goods through your business to give you greater control, accountability and safety.