Transport and Logistics Security Solutions

Integrated access control, CCTV and anti-theft systems for vehicles and logistics hubs

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Why do Transport and Logistics companies need effective security and access control?


Whether your logistics business uses road, rail, sea or air to transport goods, as goods move through the supply chain from manufacturer to end user, they are at risk from threats including damage and theft. 

Security needs to be a priority, from the depots to the vehicles transporting goods. Losses from theft and the dangers posed by criminals smuggling illicit materials into containers in transit, make the type of security systems you choose vital to the long-term success of your business.  

Transport and haulage businesses are often multi-site operations with complex needs requiring a multi-layered security system. Fuel and cargo theft is rising exponentially, it’s never been more important to know who is on your site, and when. 


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Logistics and Haulage Access Control

Which is the right access control system for your logistics hub?

The flow of vehicles and people in and out of the site will determine the best security solution for your business. The type of goods stored, the site location, staff and driver access points and the hours the site is accessed all have an impact on your security solution requirements.

Optima 360 Security Platform

Manage your multi-layer security solution using Almas’ 360 software platform; allowing you to see all your security in one place. View CCTV cameras, intruder alarm sensors or other detectors and all access control readers on one supervision plan.

  • View specific live camera feeds at the click of an icon
  • Open doors or gates by clicking an icon
  • Create automations and link events to evidence to reduce security breaches and improve investigation
  • Create alerts for unauthorised attempts or out-of-hours access.
  • Reduce Risk of Theft

Set alerts to trigger if doors are wedged open. Click on the alert to see camera footage before, during and after the incident; automatically linked and readily available to speed up investigation. Check that no unaccounted-for goods were removed, and no unauthorised people entered a storage area.


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CCTV and Anti-Intrusion Measures

Protect the Site Perimeters

Monitor the grounds of your depot, including parking areas and warehousing using surveillance cameras. Create a virtual perimeter detection system that, if crossed out of hours, sets off an audible and visual alarm.

Protect key areas:

Use AI technology to section areas of a warehouse or depot, ringfence fuel tanks or plant equipment, create a suite of configurable alerts and reporting so your security system works for you. CCTV monitoring options available.

Monitor and Track Goods

IP CCTV cameras allow you to monitor and track goods through the storage and dispatch cycle reducing internal theft. Trace an item through its journey using camera analytics.

Self or ARC Monitoring

If you don’t have a full time security team then ARC monitoring will give you peace of mind that there are eyes on your site 24/7 should a security threat occur


3-in-1 (TIOC) CCTV cameras are effective in deterring criminals

The camera triggers when an intruder approaches and breaches the ‘virtual’ tripwire
The alert can be triggered one way, or both
The blue/ red lights are clearly visible, we’ve not included sound because it’s really loud and annoying!
24/ 7 colour images, day or night, delivers effective identification of perpetrators


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In Vehicle Transport and Logistics Security Solutions

Your logistics depot is a key area that requires security protection, but at any time, your goods in transit are likely to far outweigh those in the depot. Transport and logistics security in your vehicles will protect your vehicles, drivers and cargo. An in-vehicle system is more secure, reduces loss and leads to greater productivity and safety.

  • Security cameras, NVR and other sensors allows for monitoring of your vehicles, and team, on the road.
  • Monitor in cab action and driver behaviour; set up alerts for signs of fatique or smoking
  • Prevent internal theft with in-trailer CCTV cameras
  • Stop external hijack or fuel theft swiftly with immediate alerts
  • Panic alarms for lone workers


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Employee clocking in using their fingerprint on a time and attendance terminal

Biometric and Mobile Clocking In for Time Tracking

How much is time theft costing your logistics business?

The logistics and transport sector relies on shift workers so it’s vital to have a robust system to check billed hours against actual.

Save HR and Management Time
  • Using fingerprint or facial recognition readers to clock in eliminates over-billing or ‘buddy-punching’ because they can’t be lost or lent to another. Start and finish times are accurate to the second.
  • Save HR and management hours with full hours worked records.
  • Record breaks are being taken (on-site) to ensure compliance with the Working Time Directive.
  • Optional Temperature and Mask Detection

The facial recognition time and attendance tablet has the optional extra of temperature detection and can check users are wearing masks in mandatory environments.

Why Almas? The Right Solution, For Your Transport and Logistics Security

Almas understands the need for a multi-layered security solution within the transport industry including access control, CCTV surveillance, monitoring and intruder solutions that are required to meet the risks within the industry. We will build you an integrated security solution to protect your depot.
Almas Industries’ customers have access to a technical support line 24/7 and strict support SLAs. Improve security and save management time by investing in a flexible and scalable solution..

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