Covid-19 Returning to work

Poll results from our Spanish team around how employees are feeling about getting back to work and going to the office. Have your company asked your opinion or communicated as to when and why they are getting you back to the office?




Facial recognition is here to stay - it's on phones, at airports and increasingly used for time and attendance, but it's a technology that provokes a strong response in some as it piques their data privacy concerns. We look at some common held ideas about facial recognition and separate fact from fiction.


Covid-19 seems to be flourishing in the cold, damp environments of Europe's meat processing plants. What can employers do to safeguard their workforces and ability to operate? Almas Industries' three-in-one solutions offer contactless access control, fever and mask detection, long term benefits of increased productivity while protecting your team from virus transmission.


With the demand for commercial property set to drop into an abyss as companies fail, or look to reduce overheads in the face or a stuttering economy, how do commercial landlords save their businesses? Should we all be embracing home working, or are management overlooking the benefits that office collaboration brings?

Corona virus Covid-19

With the worldwide impact of the Coronavirus pandemic multiplying exponentially, it seems very relevant to consider viruses, bacteria and transmission. What is the difference between a viral infection and a bacterial infection? What steps can we all take to stay healthy? And how can biometric readers help prevent the spread of disease? Almas is committed to supporting all of our customers during this period of uncertainly. Our readers are designed with safety in mind, and we believe that they are a practical solution which can help to prevent the spread of disease. Read on to find out more.

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Using a PIN to unlock your phone, make a payment or enter a building are fast becoming a thing of the past. Biometric authentication is the future, and it is much more than just fingerprints. From maintaining your employees’ attendance records to combating the challenges of fraud, biometric recognition systems offer the highest level of security. Let’s review this unique system and what makes it so sought-after.