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We Deliver Seamless Time Tracking Implementation

Almas Industries are experts in tailoring time and attendance solutions for your unique business needs.
How do Almas implement clocking in solutions that deliver enhanced efficiency and productivity for superior workforce management?
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employee request iconCONSULTATION 

Crafting solutions to your business size, scalability, and team dynamics, we ensure your time and attendance system perfectly aligns with your operational needs.

tech support icon INSTALLATION  

Our BS7858 vetted expert technical team guarantee a professional, seamless setup, ensuring your system operates flawlessly. SSAIB certification for your peace of mind.

almas bear icon ONBOARDING 

Comprehensive scoping will lead to a smooth and efficient time tracking implementation.  We empower your team to leverage the clocking in system to its full potential, compliantly.

technical support iconONGOING SUPPORT

Post-launch, our commitment continues with further training, system adjustments, and a robust hardware guarantee, ensuring your peace of mind.

Discover the Perfect Clocking-In Method for Your Business

Tailored to Your Business Environment, Location, User Needs, and Volume – We’ve Got the Perfect Fit for Your Site.

Pair your clocking in machine with our feature-rich Time and Attendance Software – designed for effective tracking with the flexibility, reporting, and functionality your business demands.

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Multi-Mode Clock In

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Contactless Facial

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Mobile Clocking In


Mobile + Rugged

fingerprint clocking in reader

Access + Time

Multi-modal Clocking In Machine – Zpad

A stylish, multifunctional time clock with customisable features for an enhanced user experience, sits on a desk or wall mounted.


fingerprint iconCard/ fob and/ or fingerprint clocking in methods.

audit iconMultiple events management. Stay compliant with breaks/ overtime options.

almas bear icon Customise with your company logo

battery iconBackup battery up to 4hrs depending on usage

many face iconScale up with user capacity up to 10,000


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Contactless Face Scanners – OnTimeX

A versatile solution for various sectors, featuring rapid recognition and advanced anti-spoofing technology. Ideal for multiple sectors including construction, clinical environments, logistics, care and offices.


do not touch iconGreat user experience with hands-free clocking in

fast iconFast – Recognition speed of less than 0.3 seconds

many face iconFuture Scalability. Up to 50,000 facial templates

card iconFob/ Card optional  clock in methods

mask iconMask & temperature detection options for clinical/ food manufacturing sites.

Wall mount iconWall or pedestal mount for flexible situation/ relocation


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Clocking In On The Go – Mobile T&A

Hybrid working poses challenges for managers for Adhere to the Working Time and EU Regulations compliance.


mobile clock in iconYour field or home workers can clock in using their mobile

touch reader iconCompatible with onsite terminals – mix and match

GPS tracked ‘clocking in’ with optional photo requirement.

employee request iconSelf-service staff portal for HR requests/working hours check

mobile clock in icon Managers can check occupancy and authorise absences while off-site.


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Rugged and Robust – OnTimeM

A fingerprint time clock unit ideal for tracking your staff or agency workers when you need a mobile solution ideal for demanding environments.


waterproof iconWaterproof and dustproof to IP67

battery iconBattery lasts for up to 9 hours depending on usage

4g icon4G connectivity via integrated sim


Ideal applications for this biometric time management solution include construction sites, tracking attendance hours for foreign students, coach and school trips or agency staffing for outdoor events.


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Access Control + Time Attendance Module

An access control system with Optima time tracking module. Suitable for small teams requiring simple functionality with accountability.


touching reader iconEmployees can see abridged data by pressing the button on the reader and presenting their finger

problem iconAnomalies and errors can be corrected by management, but with a full audit trail

mobile clock in iconEmployees in the field can ‘clock in’ using their mobile, but it will show it was on mobile


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 Implement Time and Attendance Software to Optimise Operations and Improve Efficiency

Deciding on the right software requires expert advice. Simple shift pattern and a small team? You don’t need an overly complicated software

Complex shifts, overtime, numerous teams, hybrid working and multiple sites? You’re going to need something more powerful.

We have a range of different time and attendance software to make sure you get the solution your business needs.


Comprehensive Time Tracking Software for SMEs

Month-end collation of hours becomes simple and quick, eliminating hours of wasted admin time for HR, Accounts and Management.

Features include;

Full management reporting suite for super-users. Full audit trail of any changes

Exceptions and alerts for anomalies, tardiness/ early departure reporting

Manage absence; define types of absence, manage requests and entitlements in one place. track time-off requests, approvals and holidays

Time clock cards for individual employees and departments

Overtime rules automatically calculate totals

Rotas: complete your rotas in the time and attendance software

Roll call reporting for health and safety emergencies

 Stay compliant. Prove breaks have been taken

Modern time clocks and effective time tracking save your management team hours and keeps your business compliant.

Persistent tardiness by colleagues demotivates diligent workers. Change behaviours by improving accountability and calculate how much time you could save by paying all your team fairly..

Start Saving Time Today

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Almas Industries – The Logical Choice For Your Time & Attendance Solution

Expert consultants, engineers and support services ensure that your time and attendance project is implemented seamlessly by our team.

Watch our video case study with Windows Warehouse  and hear how their biometric time and attendance solution has helped improved productivity.

Here’s what our customers say about us:


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Here are some commonly asked questions about Time and Attendance software and systems and GDPR considerations

More FAQs for Time & Attendance

If you’re still tracking time manually in your business, you’re missing out on a multitude of benefits including:

  • Paying staff fairly and give your team better visibility of their pay, hours and absences
  • Reducing tardiness and time theft
  • Saving your management, HR and payroll teams hours of admin time
  • Better planning of space and production through accurate attendance data
  • Legal compliance with working time directive and other labour law requirements
  • Cost management and client billing accuracy

You can read more on the benefits of clocking in solutions here

We know you want a price straight away! But the right solution for you depends on many different considerations.

The size of your site, whether you’re a multi-site operations, the number of employees, the types of devices and the complexity of your shift and employee patterns all determine how much your time and attendance solution will cost.

The best plan is to get in touch and start with an initial consultation where we will start to help you narrow down which will be the best time tracking solution for your business.

Selecting the right system will depend on whether you are single site, hybrid workers, or field based. It will also depend on shift patterns and complexity of your working week.
Are you looking to address a specific issue or do you want generally better visibility and to save time?
Budget is of course also a factor, and systems range from simple fob/ card options (with less accountability) to biometric time and attendance which delivers you unfalsifiable data and are probably more affordable than you think!
Read more on this subject in our comprehensive article Which is the Best Clocking in Machine for My Small Business?

Or even better, get in touch with us for some expert advice!

Also known as a time clock or punching in clock, these devices record pertinent events throughout the employee’s day. Recording the start of their shift, break times, and the time they leave work.
Originally mechanical devices, they can now be activated using a range of tokens, from a card or fob, to a fingerprint, face or mobile. When coupled with time and attendance software, they give employers an accurate record of time worked which helps them stay compliant and pay their team fairly.

It is a legal requirement that unless an employee has ‘opted out’, they should not work more than 48 hours a week on average – normally averaged over 17 weeks. This law is sometimes called the ‘working time directive’ or ‘working time regulations’.

As an employer you must be able to prove that your team haven’t worked over 48 hours per week if they haven’t opted out. This essentially means that you have a record of the hours they have worked to prove they haven’t done over 48.

Any new time and attendance system implementation should be accompanied with clear information and explanation for your team.

It’s important that they know why you are implementing this and the benefits of more transparent reporting, easier absence requests and more.

You should conduct a data privacy impact assessment to be compliant with the GDPR regulations.

Biometric time and attendance require the employee to be enrolled in the system, by being enrolled they are consenting to use the system. Employees should have the right to request an alternative method of clocking in.

Provided the steps above are followed and reflected in your employee handbook, records can be used in disciplinary processes.

The technology and encryption levels are acceptable for GDPR purposes. The management and implementation of T&A systems and the compliance of such is determined by your management team and processes.

Essentially, we provide a system that is designed to be GDPR compliant, but we cannot enforce you using it compliantly. If you don’t set complex passwords or lock down access to key, mandated personnel for example, then you wouldn’t be following the principles of GDPR. This would be a process failure rather than a technological one.

We advise all our customers on their responsibilities and have templates that will help you communicate to your team.

You have four effective types of time clocks:
Traditional punch clocks (we’re talking paper card not plastic)
Digital Time Clocks
Biometric Clocking In Machines
Mobile and Web Based Clocks
Find out the features of these in more detail on our FAQ page.

The headline factors that you should think about when starting to scope out your new time tracking system include:

  • Ease of Use
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Compliance
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Budget
  • Integration
  • Scalability

We delve into more detail around these factors in Choosing a Clocking in System on our FAQ page.