CCTV in nurseries

CCTV in Nurseries – Should you install it?

Is CCTV allowed in nurseries? CCTV in nurseries can be a divisive debate. Some believe it is a great way to increase security and safety for children. Whereas, others feel that it can be too intrusive and can sometimes be seen as an unethical form of surveillance. We assess the pros and cons to nursery cctv.


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hybrid working environment

Going to the office every day of the week felt like a long distant memory and suddenly everyone became customised to working from home - which carried over to today where many people don’t feel the need to be at the office every day to get their work done.

Drug dispensing - access control in healthcare

Access control has played an important part in delivering a more streamlined experience, from the beginning of a patient's intake to the processing of outpatient information, providing test results and related information more speedily and accurately - as well as many other benefits in-between.

AI security camera

New CCTV cameras are able to detect individuals and capture movements faster than the human eye. Not just that, they are able to tell the difference between a human and an animal and even identify certain facial expressions. Want to know what else they can do?

Childcare & Education Expo

The Childcare & Education Expo is finally returning to London on the 4th – 5th March 2022 and is being held at Olympia London. After a two year break due to the coronavirus pandemic, the team behind this fantastic event for the early years and primary education sectors promise that the show will be worth the wait.

The Almas Awards 2022

We wanted to bring everyone in the Almas UK family together and recognise the whole team for their fantastic commitment and focus during the pandemic and their dedication to improving the service and delivery for our customers.

facial recognition

Advances in technology and pressure from the pandemic have allowed for the development of new solutions that allow us to control access quickly and efficiently, such as biometric facial recognition. No contact, no waiting, no problems.