Covid-19 Returning to work

Poll results from our Spanish team around how employees are feeling about getting back to work and going to the office. Have your company asked your opinion or communicated as to when and why they are getting you back to the office?



Technical support role Almas Industries

We are recruiting for a Technical Support role. Working as part of our central Customer Technical Support Hotline based in Crewe, you will have contact with UK and Irish customers via the phone on a daily basis.

Construction court case gravel litigation

A recent legal decision in a case within the construction sector in Australia has highlighted just how important time management is when running a construction site. White Constructions, a developer, bought a legal action against sewer designer, IWS in connection with the development of a 100-lot site in the Illawarra region of New South Wales. White Constructions lost the case because the paper-based site diary they used to track the movements of everyone on site was proved to be inadmissable as evidence of a delay. Read on to find out how using a biometric access control system could have prevently this costly court case from happening.


Biometrics are now a part of everyday life for most people. You may well own a mobile phone that you unlock using your fingerprint or use a smart speaker in your home which responds to voice commands. But have you ever thought about using biometrics in your business? In this article we look at the benefits that biometric access control systems have to offer child care businesses.

empty school classroom

Over the past decade, the UK security sector has witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of CCTV solutions that are being operated in an intelligent, proactive, way so that suspicious activity can be identified and tackled as it happens. There has also been more attention given to the carefully controlled application of CCTV within schools. Read on to find out how CCTV can be used to help schools change for the better.

computer technology data storage

You probably use biometrics data every day without realising that it’s your unique genetic makeup that is enabling you to access your phone, clock-in for work, or authorise a financial payment. If you are a smartphone user – and there are an estimated 2.87 billion of these worldwide – it’s likely that you use your fingerprint or face to access your device. But have you ever stopped to question who holds your biometric data and how?

coffeeshop small business security

If you are one of the 5.8 million people who run a small business in the UK, was security a priority for you when you started your business? Maybe you have been running your business for a few years but haven’t thought about security. Read on to find out why getting the right security is key this year.


Safety is one of the top priorities for parents when they are choosing a nursery for their children. A nursery can have superb staff, play facilities, and excellent safeguarding, but if they don't get the fundamentals of security right, none of that matters. Do you always know who is in your nursery?

GDPR data protection

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a major step forward for data protection and privacy with a truly international impact. Back in 2018, many people said that it would change the face of the digital world. In this article, we will have a look at GDPR and assess the impact of the regulations since their inception.

Shopping mall at Christmas retail crime

Christmas, and the increase in retail activity which goes with it, is upon us. If you run a retail business, are you prepared to tackle an increase in crime? Preventing crime remains a major concern for all types of retailers. Crimes are not victimless. The impact the skilled, passionate, determined people who make the retail industry so vibrant. Understanding threats and ways in which they can be countered is the place we need to start.