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Nursery World and Almas – Survey, Webinar and beyond

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"Often the biggest problem is parents - doing things like leaving doors open"

Late in 2023 we partnered with Nursery World and asked – Why does your Nursery need security?

We identified the challenges that nurseries faced in the current economic climate and believe that technology has the power to relieve some of the administration burden that nursery leaders are facing. We wanted to find out more about these challenges when it comes to security.

The Survey

We received an impressive 845 responses from nurseries, underscoring the importance attached to safety and safeguarding among early years’ staff. Additionally, concerns were raised regarding topics such as the implementation of CCTV in these settings.

Results indicate that nurseries hold varying opinions on the utilisation of CCTV within their settings. While a majority of respondents (54%) perceive it as a beneficial tool for safeguarding both the nursery and its staff, 46% regard CCTV as effective in protecting the premises and deterring intruders.

Concerns regarding data security were voiced by a third of participants (33%). However, slightly over a quarter (27%) expressed the sentiment that implementing CCTV suggests a lack of trust in the staff.

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The Webinar

In order to address some of the issues created by the Survey, along with our partners at Nursery World, we put together a team of industry experts including  three members of OFSTED.


Click hereLiz Roberts to read the insightful Nursery World article by Liz Roberts, who was the former editor-in-chief of Nursery World. With a background in freelance writing and editorial roles at publications like the Guardian and Media Week, Liz is a respected voice in the field. She actively engages in early years events, serves as a trustee for organisations like the Centre for Research in Early Childhood and Coram Family and Childcare, and provides expert commentary for national TV, radio, and newspapers.

Read the article in Nursery World. –

The Future

Security continues to be a heavily discussed topic in School and Nursery settings and we are continuing to develop our security solutions to help the Nursery Sector.

Why should you trust Almas Industries with your nursery’s security?

Almas are experts in security solutions for the early years’ childcare sector with over 15 years’ experience protecting Early Years’ childcare settings. Our integrated biometric access control and CCTV solutions protect nurseries and schools across the UK and Ireland. We’re interested in building a  long-term relationship with our customers, delivering security solutions that keep that keep their sites safe, secure and protected.

We have a number of free resources to help you and we are happy to come and meet you face-to-face to discuss your security concerns.


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