UK Care Week 2024

Reflecting on UK Care Week 2024: A Recap of Innovations and Insights

From March 20th to 21st, the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham buzzed with activity as the UK Care Week 2024 unfolded, bringing together professionals, experts, and stakeholders from across the care sector.

As the premier event in the field, UK Care Week offered a platform for discussions, networking, and showcasing innovations aimed at shaping the future of care provision in the UK.

For Almas Industries and our good friends InVentry it was a busy two days, meeting some great new contacts and catching up with old friends.

We caught up with Jayne Connery

Jayne Connery from Care Campaign for the Vulnerable at UK Care Week 2024 with Almas IndustriesOur friend Jayne Connery from Care Campaign for the Vulnerable was a keynote speaker at the event and it was great to listening to her talk on the critical role of providers in handling safeguarding incidents and explore the importance of early and thorough engagement, emphasising the need to maintain a detailed chronology and comprehensive evidence.

This led to people asking questions about the part CCTV and Lone Worker solutions can play in the safety in the care industry.

Lone worker safety holds significant importance within the UK care sector due to various factors.

Firstly, the nature of care work often involves interactions with vulnerable individuals who may exhibit unpredictable behavior, increasing the risk of violence or aggression towards lone workers.

Without immediate support available, ensuring the safety of these workers becomes paramount to prevent harm and maintain a secure working environment.

Lone Worker Solutions

We know the challenges workers face when they are out in the field or working in isolated areas and we are serious about lone worker safety and helping businesses keep their team safe. When speaking to people at UK Care Week we discovered a lot of questions about how it works and what does it mean for the employees and the business. Find out more about our Lone Worker solutions.

Access Control

Care Week UK 2024Access Control & Visitor Management which fits perfectly with our InVentry Access Control integration.

Integrated security solutions protect your staff, your business’ reputation, and the residents in your care. We understand that Liberty Protection Safeguards must be adhered to, the challenges of monitoring agency staff and managing multiple visitors. Find out more about our Access Control solutions.



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