facial recognition

Protecting Your Site…With Just Your Face?

Almas Team

"Signing through biometric access for staff and temporary staff allows you to know exactly where your staff are or have been in your building".

Advances in technology and pressure from the pandemic have allowed for the development of new solutions that allow us to control access quickly and efficiently, such as biometric facial recognition. No contact, no waiting, no problems.

Speed and efficiency are factors that more and more people are demanding to improve user experience. From unlocking a mobile phone, withdrawing money, or even validating access to a concert simply through facial identification.


What is facial recognition?


Facial recognition refers to technology that utilises biometric data; it is responsible for identifying and verifying the identity of the person through an image, thus obtaining a precise analysis of the face, and identifying points that are unique to each individual. The best facial biometric readers employ two cameras, so a 3d map is created of the face as opposed to 2D with one camera.

It works using software that can extract those personal characteristics and compare them to a scanned template to help differentiate some people from others.


What are the advantages of facial recognition compared to other security and access control systems?


  1. Reducing touchpoints – Biometric facial access control systems require no contact for authentication, this reduces the contact with a communal surface which could harbour germs that could lead to onwards transmission and infection.
  2. No physical key cards or fobs – You only need your face, which hopefully is still attached. This means greater security since it minimises the risk of impersonation, loss, theft, or the chance of you leaving it at home.
  3. Know exactly who is where and when – Signing through biometric access for staff and temporary staff allows you to know exactly where your staff are or have been in your building. This means improved health and safety and record-keeping in the event of an accident or emergency.


Can your data be stolen?

It is completely understandable that with technology as advanced as this, there will be some security concerns.

Almas’ systems encrypt data, the biometric templates are kept as binary code, meaning it’s safe and secure and can’t be intercepted.


Is facial access control right for you?


More and more companies must be committed to improving security for the benefit of themselves, their employees, and their customers. Security is not something that should be taken likely because it only takes a single error to cause thousands of pounds in damages or result in reputational loss.

If you are looking for a secure way to protect your staff and your business, facial access control may be the perfect solution for you. Want to know more about the solutions available to you?

Get in touch with one of our security experts today to discuss biometric access control, biometric readers, or facial scanners for your business. You can call 0333 567 6123 (UK) or 01 68 333 68 (Ireland). If you prefer, you can always send a confidential email.