Blend Access Control and Visitor Management Seamlessly 

Open access-controlled doors and sign in at the same time with biometrics or RFID with InVentry and Almas’ access control integration.

Cartoon showing inVentry visitor management working with Almas access control

InVentry Integration Overview

For the pinnacle of site security, our integration with InVentry offers a seamless experience. Staff members can gain access to their workplace and sign in simultaneously using either biometrics including fingerprint scanners or facial readers or a Staff ID card.

This quick verification process not only opens a secure door but also automatically signs staff and visitors into your InVentry system, keeping your fire evacuation list live and up to date.

Save Administration Time

The ability to automatically synchronise personnel from your InVentry system within the Almas Industries’ access control system alleviates administrative burdens. For organisations with multiple buildings, the access control integration allows InVentry to record users’ whereabouts, ensuring constant awareness of who’s on your site.

inventry screen through door controlled by fingerprint scanner

Easily Secure your Site

The visitor management integration allows temporary door access rights to specific doors or zones for pre-booked contractors and visitors.

  • Send an email invitation granting access to specific locations at designated times, perfect for contractors and regular visitors.
  • Temporary door access tokens will be disabled when your visitor signs out or at the end of the working day, securing your site at all times.

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InVentry Access Control Integration Features

  • Effortless: Gain access and sign into the site simultaneously using a fingerprint scanner or a single ID card swipe.
  • Convenient: Reduce administrative burdens with automatic personnel synchronisation between your InVentry system and Almas Industries access control system.
  • Evac and Crisis Management: Keep your fire evacuation list constantly updated across multiple buildings.
  • Safeguarding: Disable site access automatically when you remove an individual from your InVentry system, easing administrative tasks.
  • Instant: Send email invitations for specific location access, ideal for regular contractors and visitors.
  • Accessible: Assign temporary door access rights without compromising site security, with tokens automatically disabling upon sign out.
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