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Firewalker Fitness
Kirkwood Walker, Managing Director

Biometrics are a great system, which gives us control

A champion gym

Kirkwood is the former 5 times World Champion in Thai and Kickboxing having fought all over the world and against some of the greatest fighters in kickboxing history. Kirkwood also spent 20 years as a social worker whilst competing. He always had a dream of giving the people of Wolverhampton a first-class facility to practice martial arts and fitness that’s why he created Firewalker!


Why choose biometric access control?

“I don’t even know how many people I have on the system, I have some old members, some new members, I can say that I have way over two thousand people on the system. We have a receptionist that reminds our members to sign in and out if they forget. In the beginning, some people found it suspicious but now everything is fine. Members are used to doing it, it works really well”.


The benefits of biometric access control

“It is ideal for us to have the system because, in terms of time-saving, you don’t have a big queue of people waiting to be booked in. Some gyms don’t want to install the system as they prefer to greet the customer, shake hands at the entrance but at our gym, everyone gets a smile, a hello and a how are you? So you can combine those two aspects, it’s not a problem. Before Almas fingerprint reader, we had a card system but we wanted to try something different. It’s much better now”.