The History of Time and Attendance

How has time and attendance changed? What are the pertinent laws with regards to monitoring time and attendance. The increase in remote working is blurring lines between home and worklife - make sure your business is protected and can prove your team's working hours.



InnDe George and Aaron

George Smithies and Aaron Vousden are two passionate and ambitious Civil Engineers, turned entrepreneurs from Pembrokeshire, South Wales and Anglesey, North Wales respectively. Both are graduates from Cardiff University and share a joint passion to revolutionise the construction industry through their digital platform innDex, helping bring automation and transparency to the forefront of construction.

How care in Japan is leading the world

Japan has long been known for its widespread respect for its seniors and a powerful sense of obligation to care for them. The involvement and responsibility of family members in care were even formally embodied in the “Japanese style welfare state”. Great uncertainty surrounds the future of social care in the UK. What can we learn from other countries when it comes to the provision of social care?


Many people were worried about the new regulations when they first came out. Yet they are really little different from the requirements that were previously in place with regards to CCTV operation. Have you made sure that your CCTV signage is compliant with GDPR regulations? Do you understand what the CCTV signage regulations are and how to best implement them? Read on to find out more.


Most of us associate biometrics with fingerprint scanning technology that can replace passwords. However, there are different types of biometric authentication in use today that include both physical and behavioural identifiers. Let us now take a step back and try to understand what the various aspects of biometric authentication are, and the complex technology involved in the process.


It is not surprising that an unlicensed Security contractor would be less expensive than a licenced contractor; they aren’t working to the same rules as licensed contractors Unlicensed contractors have an advantage that enables them to provide the lowest prices.

Biometric time aBiometric-time-and-attendance-open-plan-officend attendance

This is part two of a series of articles concerning the 1997 Organisation of Working Time Act and it’s implications for Irish businesses. In part one, we looked at the Act in more detail – so if you haven’t read this, do head over and do so. In this article, we will look at the reasons why biometric time and attendance solutions can help your business operate within the law, saving time and money.


On Tuesday 29th October 2019 Care Campaign For The Vulnerable will be hosting a ‘Question Time’ theme panel and audience discussion on the subject of mandatory CCTV in care homes. We asked Jayne about how she came up with the idea for the event and what she hopes the event will help to promote for CCFTV.

Time clock at WTime-clock-at-Wookey-Hole-Cave-Museumookey Hole Cave Museum

Since 1997 the Organisation of Working Time Act has been in force, affecting all employers in southern Ireland. Yet many businesses know little of the Act, leaving us to wonder if Ireland has failed to properly implement the working time directive? It is suspected that many Irish employers do not accurately record the working hours of their employees. This article is part one of a two-part series in which we look in detail at the Working Time Act, European court rulings on time and attendance and the possible implications of the most recent EU directive and court cases.