CCTV in nurseries

CCTV in Nurseries – Should you install it?

Is CCTV allowed in nurseries? CCTV in nurseries can be a divisive debate. Some believe it is a great way to increase security and safety for children. Whereas, others feel that it can be too intrusive and can sometimes be seen as an unethical form of surveillance. We assess the pros and cons to nursery cctv.


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How has time and attendance changed? What are the pertinent laws with regards to monitoring time and attendance. The increase in remote working is blurring lines between home and worklife - make sure your business is protected and can prove your team's working hours.


Facial recognition is here to stay - it's on phones, at airports and increasingly used for time and attendance, but it's a technology that provokes a strong response in some as it piques their data privacy concerns. We look at some common held ideas about facial recognition and separate fact from fiction.

partnership with accuscience

Almas Industries is delighted to announce a new collaboration with Accuscience - a Pharmed Group company; Accuscience will be adding Almas biometric access control and thermal solutions to their customer offering; complementing their existing range of PPE perfectly.


Covid-19 seems to be flourishing in the cold, damp environments of Europe's meat processing plants. What can employers do to safeguard their workforces and ability to operate? Almas Industries' three-in-one solutions offer contactless access control, fever and mask detection, long term benefits of increased productivity while protecting your team from virus transmission.

the office

With the demand for commercial property set to drop into an abyss as companies fail, or look to reduce overheads in the face or a stuttering economy, how do commercial landlords save their businesses? Should we all be embracing home working, or are management overlooking the benefits that office collaboration brings?