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Upgrade Your Business’ Security with a CCTV System

Almas Industries’ range of CCTV security cameras are specified to meet the needs of your site, the flow of people and vehicles, privacy and compliance, professionally installed by our team.
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Advice on the right cctv camera system, taking into account your site, the flow of people and vehicles, the hours of operation, level of security required, privacy and compliance

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Professional installation by our own engineers to SSAIB standards, site survey plan, on-site training and comprehensive user guides.

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Support with clear effective comms for your users, guidance and templates to help you stay compliant with GDPR data protection laws.

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Post-launch, our commitment continues with further training, software upgrades, and a robust hardware guarantee, ensuring your peace of mind.

Which Security Cameras Do I Need?

We always start with a free site survey to allow us to recommend the number and type of cameras required.

Examples of our camera range include:

Dome and bullet tioc cameras


tioc CCTV camera

IP Security Cameras

ANPR camera

Specialist Cameras

NV and monitor

NVRs (Recorders)

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CCTV Monitoring

TIOC (Three-In-One) Security Cameras

Draw virtual tripwires to activate a real time alert if they are crossed out of hours as the security camera detects motion.
 Loud siren and flashing lights then scares off all but the most persistent of intruders.
 Audible Challenge Pre-programme voice messages to challenge the intruder, or live communication is possible through the speaker to let the intruder know action is being taken.

 Full HD day/ night colour, which can be used in onwards investigation and prosecution.

 Internal or external use

AI detects only people and vehicles vastly reducing false alerts

 Watch active deterrent CCTV in action.

ARC monitoring centre connection for 24/7 eyes on your site when you can’t be there.

Where are Active Deterrent cameras relevant? Agriculture, Plant Machinery, High value storage areas, Hospitality, Retail and Offices

More Info on TIOC Cameras

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IP Security Cameras

A quality, scalable solution for businesses and are suitable for installation across larger sites as cabling runs are reduced.

ePoe (Enhanced Power Over Ethernet) can save money as there is no need for any extenders. ePoE offers a range of up to 800m over CAT5e. It doesn’t compromise on an IP system’s quality, speed, signals, and other features.
 Remote Viewing on the mobile viewing app and receive alerts for out of hours activity. Connect from anywhere with mobile signal.
ARC CCTV monitoring  for 24/7 eyes on your site when you can’t be there.
Where are are IP cameras relevant? Childcare, Care Sector, Manufacturing, Logistics, Offices, Retail, Self-Storage Facilities


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Specialist CCTV Cameras

Depending on your site’s specific requirements, Almas’ Security Consultants will advise on the right cameras for the situation including;

Auto PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) good for covering large areas and motion activated

ANPR (also known as LPR) cameras – when a camera is not just a camera but can be an access control reader too

Covert cameras to be approached with caution but very valuable in specific circumstances. We will discuss privacy implications and concerns around sound recording with you.

Vandal proof housings when you need an more robust solution!

People counting cameras for situations when you need to count capacity or need analytics on busy periods to help with staff planning


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Network Video Recorders

Enhanced Video Resolution – Modern NVR systems support higher resolution cameras, providing clearer and more detailed video footage. 

Scalable more cameras can be added without significant upgrades to existing infrastructure.

Remote Accessibility Access live and recorded video footage remotely via smartphones, tablets, or PCs enhancing oversight and responsiveness to incidents.

Advanced AI Integration An object goes missing? You can now search for it automatically without having to trawl through hours of footage!

Real-Time Alerts enable instant alerts based on predefined criteria, such as motion detection or line crossing.

Easy Integration with Other Systems with Almas’ 360 module. Integrate CCTV with other security systems, including alarms, access control, and fire detection systems.

Enhanced Reliability NVRs are less prone to failure because they do not rely on physical connections to cameras.


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CCTV ARC Monitoring

If your business has high value assets or intellectual property on site, professional, external CCTV monitoring may be something to consider.

 Customised Incident Protocol the monitoring centre can call you, the Gardia/ Police, or a security guarding company. 

Professional surveillance ARC operators are trained to identify potential security threats and take appropriate action. This means that you have peace of mind knowing that your property is watched over by expert personnel. 

Intruder Challenge with TIOC cameras the monitoring centre can verbally challenge the intruder.  They become immediately aware that they have been detected and should desist from the burglary attempt.  

Constant monitoring Your property is constantly monitored because it is operational 24/7. This is especially critical if your company works outside regular business hours or there is a high risk of intrusion or theft.

Cost-effective Having a monitoring centre look over your property you may eliminate the need for round-the-clock security staff. 

Advanced technology ARCs use cutting-edge technology to monitor footage in real-time which includes advanced software, huge displays, and effective communication systems.

Quick response and incident reporting If a security threat is detected, the monitoring station can quickly escalate the matter to the keyholders and/ or guarding company or emergency services. The monitoring centre will provide a report on the incident.


More on ARC Monitoring

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Serving businesses since 2006 thanks to our in-house team of highly-skilled, trusted CCTV installers and security consultants.



Almas Industries UK is SSAIB accredited, which means we adhere to strict operating standards and all our teams are vetted to BS7858 standards. Our Security Consultant will survey your site and advise on right CCTV solution for you. Our team of CCTV installation engineers will be on hand to install, service and maintain your CCTV so you have complete peace of mind.

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