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Innovation shaking up the construction industry

Almas Team

Digital onboarding has a massive capacity to change the face of construction, bringing a whole host of benefits for businesses. Almas Industries are proud to be partners of InnDex in their new venture to bring digitisation to the construction industry

George Smithies and Aaron Vousden are two passionate and ambitious Civil Engineers, turned entrepreneurs from Pembrokeshire, South Wales and Anglesey, North Wales respectively. Both are graduates from Cardiff University and share a joint passion to revolutionise the construction industry through their digital platform innDex, helping bring automation and transparency to the forefront of construction.

Having both worked in the construction industry for the past 7 years, they became increasingly frustrated by the mundane and drawn-out processes that sat mandatory alongside a project from start to finish. They found themselves spending hours of their day carrying out tasks that were paper-based, manual, repetitive and provided no further purpose than to comply with health and safety requirements. Read full article on the BeTheSpark website.