Biometric Readers and Biometric Access Control Systems

From fingerprint scanners to facial recognition readers, biometric control systems give businesses more control over time keeping and security. Unlike swipe cards, fobs, keys or pin codes – biometrics check who someone is, rather than what they have and provide an unfalsifiable and secure way to control entry and egress within your site

Find out how biometric readers can help your business

“Upgrading to biometric access control not only improves security but also gives you a flexible and affordable management tool.”

At Almas Industries we have been helping hundreds of companies across the UK, and further afield, understand how biometric readers and access control systems can help increase security, provide remote access, and save time and money.

Almas Industries are a market leader in biometric access control systems, having installed biometric readers in numerous different business sectors from healthcare, construction and education through to office buildings and manufacturing.

Our systems are designed with user experience in mind, expertly installed and configured efficiently whatever the size of your business and your access control needs are.


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Biometric Access Control significally increases security levels and speeds access control.

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Fingerprint Readers

Biometric fingerprint scanners gives your company that absolute proof of identity that cards, keys or fobs simply cannot guarantee.

  • Identity, checked against the biometric template
  • Secure, allowing access to be verified or denied
  • Management, allowing all events to be logged
  • Integration, with CCTV, anti-intrusion solutions and time and attendance

Biometric fingerprint scanners simply replace traditional access control with a fingerprint, making historical access control like keys, fobs and badges a thing of the past.


Facial access control

Keys, cards and fobs simply cannot give your company the protection that facial access readers and facial access control systems provide.

  • Monitor access
  • Turnstile and gate compatible
  • Contactless
  • Full audit trail

Facial access readers and facial access control systems are ideal for the industry sectors where that extra level of security is crucial, for example Pharmaceutical, health & hospital sector and banking and government.


Biometric access control

Throw away the keys, fobs and badges that can threaten security and are often expensive to replace. Our biometric access control system are designed to be easily configured and installed to save time and keeping administration as simple as possible.

  • Full Compliance with GDPR
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible and secure
  • Time and attendance
  • Integrates with video surveillance and intrusion alarm

Security with ease, biometric access control systems puts you in full control of your security and access requirements.


Why Almas? The Right Biometric Access Control Solution, For Your Business

Almas will build you an integrated security solution to protect your site, assets and people. Full service solutions, advice on GDPR responsibilities and a range of payment options make Almas the logical choice.

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