Facial Access Control, Face recognition for door intercoms and access control

Face recognition is the latest access control technology that allows keyless, fobless and fingerprint less access control and door entry. Facial access control is fast becoming a leader in biometric security, giving businesses a highly secure and fast keyless access control system.

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Benefits of facial recognition access control

Almas Industries have installed facial readers in numerous different business sectors from healthcare, construction and education through to office buildings and manufacturing.

Our systems are designed with user experience in mind, expertly installed and configured efficiently whatever the size of your business and your access control needs are.

Touch free access control – facial access control allows users to identify themselves without physically touching devices. facial recognition is fast becoming the preferred option for door and entry acces control systems.

Remote management of users – management of traditional systems such as key fobs and card systems requires physical devices to be handed out or collected. New users ID’s can be created remotely and inturn disabled remotely, saving time and money by significantly speeding up the whole management process.

No device required – almost all other door entry and access control systems require a physical device or PIN number to gain entry. Should the device be left behind, lost or stolen then the user will be unable to gain access. With facial recognition your user device is always with you.

Improved security – highly accurate face scanners and anti-phishing technology prevents false positive identification. Photos, fake masks and videos are immediately rejected. Convenient and quick to verify identity and grant contact free access within 0.2 seconds.

Protect access – instantly validate identity and guarantee that only authorised individuals can access your secure areas such as server rooms, high value stock storage areas, R&D, HR records storage or laboratories using face recognition.

Integration – facial recognition can easily integrate and work side by side, hand in hand with other access control and smart management systems. Combine with Optima Access Control software for greater control and flexibility.


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Facial Access Control significally increases security levels and speeds access control.

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Facial recognition door entry and access control

Almas Industries have helped hundreds of companies across UK, Europe and further afield, understand how facial recognition readers and access control systems can help improve security, provide touch free access control and save time and money.

Almas Industries are a market leader in facial access control systems. Facial acess control readers work by taking an intial scan of a persons face and then uses biometrics and AI to map facial features, such as distances between eyes, mouth, ears etc – turning this information into a unique string of numbers. The facial reader will then compare the information with a stored database to find a match. The facial access control system does not actually store a photograph or image of the individul’s face, this makes GDPR compliance and storing of personal data much simpler.

Using facial access control readers will take your door entry and access control systems to a much higher security level replacing the need for outdated key fobs, swipe cards or pin codes.


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Why Almas? The Right Facial Access Control Solution, For Your Business

Almas will build you an integrated security solution to protect your site, assets and people. Full service solutions, advice on GDPR responsibilities and a range of payment options make Almas the logical choice.

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