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When you place your finger on the biometric reader or present your face to the face recognition reader, the unique points identified by the reader are checked against the ‘biometric template’ that was created when you were enrolled on the system. Your access will either be verified or denied according to your access permissions.




The Liguard controller communicates to the door locks (either magnetic or electrolocks) whether they should release or not. The biometric reader will tell you whether your access has been verified or denied.




All events are logged in the encrypted Optima software; which manages your biometric access control system, from enrolment, to detailed reporting on occupancy, entry and egress. The software can be accessed locally, or through a network connection. Flexibility and control on the move with Optima mobile.




Optima integrates with CCTV, anti-intrusion solutions and Optima Time and attendance module delivering a comprehensive security system.

Why Almas? The Right Security Solution, For Your Business

Almas will build you an integrated biometric access control solution to protect your site, assets and people. Full service solutions, advice on GDPR responsibilities and a range of payment options make Almas the logical choice.

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    No. Almas Industries readers never store a picture of your actual fingerprint. When you are enrolled, only a small subset of the characteristic minutiae are extracted and turned into a template. Since the template is only a mathematical representation that holds information about a few points on your fingerprint and not the entire image, it is impossible to backwards engineer an image of the print from the code.

    No. The information held by the software is not linked to any national police database, or any other database.

    Yes, absolutely, and Almas biometric readers and software are fully GDPR compliant