How Optima Time Works




When you place your finger on the biometric tablet, the unique points identified by the reader are checked against the ‘biometric template’ that was created when you were enrolled on the system. Two readers can also be used with Optima Time, acting as ‘in’ and ‘out’ readers.




By placing your finger on the biometric reader, you ‘clock in’ or out for the day. The Liguard controller communicates to the reader whether your print is recognised and authorised; the tablet will visually confirm that the print has been acknowledged.




The employee can see at a glance their hours worked that week, they can also request leave and a meeting with their manager/ HR through the tablet. This is linked to the Optima software by Cat5 cabling.




All events are logged in the Optima Time Software. Detailed reporting can be run on hours worked, absences and exceptions. The software can be accessed locally or through a network connection, plus there is flexibility and control on the move with Optima mobile.

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    The biggest difference is that everything is digitised and automated.Traditional solutions require more difficult and time-consuming data collection. Plus, paper based systems or cards can be cheated by colleagues clocking other people in, biometric systems, can’t be falsified.

    Optima Time systems integrate with payroll systems by allowing you to transfer your time and attendance data into your payroll program with the press of a button. This cuts down on errors and streamlines the entire payroll process

    While it might seem like time and attendance systems are only necessary for businesses with hourly workers, businesses with salaried employees can reap a number of benefits from them as well. Having a system that can track how long employees work on specific projects can help with labour projections and also ascertain working patterns

    There are differences but the two systems complement each other. With a biometric access control system the main function is to control the entry and exit to specific areas for a specific person. Optima time can be a standalone tablet mounted on a wall and is concerned more with working patterns and hours