How Much Do Door Entry Systems Cost?

Door entry systems are a necessary investment for businesses in today’s world when property security is key. They serve as a strong initial line of defence, protecting properties from unlawful access. However, prospective customers frequently wonder, “How much do door entry systems cost?” The answer is not simple because the cost is determined by a variety of criteria such as the kind of system, the number of units, extra features, and installation charges. This article will highlight the different types of door entry system and associated costs.


Understanding Different Door Entry Systems and Their Costs

Good Old-Fashioned Keys

The most rudimentary door access control method is a lock and key! The oldest form of securing a door has been around for millennia. The advantages are that they are tried and tested, but the disadvantages in today’s modern business environment is that there is no traceability of access, they are easy to lose and costly to replace.

Typical cost: Between £100-£300 per door fitted


PIN Systems

The next step up in door entry systems in the market are PIN systems. Stand-alone systems start at a few hundred pounds and can be ideal for small businesses with a limited number of doors to safeguard. The low cost of PIN systems reflects its simplicity, as entrance is dependent on entering the right PIN code. Networked versions are available for an integrated approach. Security is not the best in our opinion as PINs are never changed regularly enough and are often easy to guess or observe over a user’s shoulder by a determined intruder.

They typically cost between £100 and £300 per door.


RFID Card or Fob Systems

For larger businesses or properties requiring more comprehensive security solutions, card or fob systems have been a favoured choice in the past. The cost of these includes the card reader, access cards or fobs, and the access control administration software. Users are created in the system and rights for specific doors can be afforded to the RFID token. There will be reports to show which cards or fobs have been used and at what times, but of course you can’t guarantee that the person you gave the card to is the one that actually used it.

They typically cost between £200 and £500 per door. Sometimes there is a monthly subscription fee for the access control management software.


Video Intercom Systems

In scenarios requiring augmented security measures, video intercom systems become a viable choice. Before giving entrance, these technologies enable for visual verification of who is at the door. Although they often cost more than their audio-only versions, the added security they provide by allowing visual identification gives extra protection. These are a time-consuming method if you employ them for all users, and for this reason they often run alongside or are integrated with another access control system. While regular authorised users can come and go without staff intervention, visitors can gain access by using the video intercom.

They typically cost between £100 and £300 per door. Find out more..


Wireless Intercom Systems

Wireless intercom systems, while initially more expensive than hard-wired systems, provide a unique mix of security and convenience. Their installation procedure is significantly less difficult because they are not bound by wire, and the freedom of putting these devices might make them a favoured alternative despite the greater initial cost. The only issue can come if a network isn’t stable or drops. They have their place, but suitability should be assessed by a professional to ensure you have a reliable system.

They typically cost between £200 and £400 per door. Find out more..


Bluetooth Readers

Bluetooth readers mark the arrival of technologically advanced security solutions. These door entry readers use Bluetooth technology to open doors using smartphones, removing the need for conventional keys, cards or fobs. While they provide great convenience, their price mirrors the sophistication of their technology. Mobile phones have an additional layer of access control through passcode or biometric authentication, so you can be relatively certain that the person using the reader is the authorised individual. Great for remote onboarding or temporary access, contactless access points such as gates and barriers, disadvantages include the fact that people can forget phones, they can have a dead battery and the phone’s biometric security can be overridden by a passcode. Still an excellent system that will increase in popularity in the coming years.

They typically cost between £200 and £400 per unit but this can vary wildly depending on location and installation requirements. Find Out More..


Biometric Door Entry Systems

Biometric systems are the pinnacle of sophisticated security and verification. These systems provide unrivalled security by using cutting-edge technology such as fingerprint, vein or face scanners. Nonetheless, the sophisticated technology raises the price of these scanners to several thousand pounds, making them an investment. The benefits include the knowledge that there is no fooling the system and you know that the person using the door entry system is the individual authorised to do so. There is buddy punching, lending of cards or fobs, phones or divulging pin codes. It’s the most secure form of door entry system.

They typically cost between £500 and £1,000 per door. Find Out More…


Additional Costs: Software, Services, Installation & Maintenance

Beyond the upfront cost of the system types, prospective users must also account for additional costs. This includes the cost of system management software as well as any continuing service or maintenance fees.

Furthermore, the cost of skilled installation might vary depending on the system’s complexity, and frequent maintenance or upgrades may be required, increasing the entire lifetime cost. When evaluating the entire expenditure for a door entry system, it is critical to include these recurring costs.


The Cost-Benefit Analysis of Door Entry Systems

Though the costs of door entry systems vary greatly, it is critical to remember that security is an invaluable investment. Controlling who or what is at your door before you open it gives you a sense of security and command. When you invest in the correct door entry system, you are investing in more than simply a device; you are investing in a system that saves time, improves controls and quality of information on which to base future business decisions.

The selection process should be driven by the value and security offered by a system. The peace of mind, security, and control sophisticated systems provide make them a worthwhile long-term investment.


Need More Help To Understand How Much Door Entry Systems’ Cost?

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