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Access Control

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Biometric access control allows you to use unique, identifying characteristics, such as a fingerprint, iris, venal patterns, voice or a face, to determine whether a person is permitted to enter a building/ area or not. Unlike swipe cards, fobs, keys or pin codes – biometrics check who someone is, rather than what they have and provide a method to control entry and egress within your site that cannot be falsified.

Upgrading to a biometric system not only improves security but also gives you a flexible and affordable management tool which will improve productivity and save time for your management team. As criminals and employees become more sophisticated at circumventing traditional access control systems, by adopting biometric access control you future-proof security to your site.

Our biometric access control systems are designed to be easily configured and installed to save time and keep administration as simple as possible. We have the expertise and experience to design and install a bespoke system for your company, allowing you to focus on safeguarding your people, property, and assets.

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