What is Bluetooth Access Control?

Using Bluetooth technology for door entry and access control systems is increasing in popularity as smartphones have become more widespread. Essentially, your smartphone replaces a card or fob, it communicates with the door entry reader and, via Bluetooth technology, the access credentials are wirelessly transmitted. An app on your smartphone conveys the security ‘key’ and if your credentials are verified then the door or gate will release thereby permitting entry.

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Why does Bluetooth Access Control work for businesses?

Remote set up of credentials

Bluetooth readers work well in situations where you want to set up access rights before the user attends site. For example, when you onboard employees remotely, or need to give access to a user temporarily or for a finite period.

Reliable and robust

Almas Industries Bluetooth Access Control solution combines industry-leading StiD Bluetooth readers with Optima software. Instead of a biometric template or proximity fob, a virtual badge is created in the Optima software and all rights are configured here.

Flexible and fully integrated with all Almas’ Access Control Solutions

Bluetooth access control can be combined with other access readers such as biometric fingerprint or facial readers, ANPR cameras, or fob and proximity readers. We would advise that you increase security the closer you get to your site, high-value stock areas, sensitive departments or buildings. Bluetooth access on a gate or barrier and then biometric access within the building is a great combination.

Are Bluetooth Access Control Systems Secure?

A scale showing the least secure form of access and then increasingly secure to the most secure biometric door access control

With Bluetooth access credentials, you are still checking what someone has as opposed to who someone is (as you do with biometric access control) however, Smartphones generally have biometric access control and are unlocked by fingerprint or facial verification. It’s an encrypted solution to keep you compliant with GDPR.

While not impossible to circumnavigate, on our scale of security, Bluetooth readers are second only biometrics.

bluetooth reader on a plinth next to a gate barrier

How do Bluetooth readers work?

With Optima’s ONE Blue module, you benefit from the flexibility of using virtual badges on smartphones thanks to native integration with the STid Mobile ID® solution.

A virtual badge is created in Almas’ Optima software with the ONE Blue module and the access rights are set up.

There are several types of activation functions which are configurable. These transmit the access credentials to the smart lock receiver and include: Tap Tap, slide or handsfree:

Handsfree: Bluetooth authentication can be set-up as ‘always on’ on your smart phone; by pressing the access reader calls for an identity verification command but this will drain more battery than an authentication action such as Tap Tap or Slide, which prompts the credentials to be transmitted.


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Optima 360 Security Platform

Integrate your Bluetooth access control readers with other security solutions using Almas’ 360 platform. This module allows you to see all your security in one place. View CCTV cameras, intruder alarm sensors or other detectors and all access control readers on one supervision plan.

  • View specific live camera feeds at the click of an icon
  • Open doors or gates by clicking an icon
  • Create automations and link events to evidence to reduce security breaches and improve investigation
  • Create alerts for unauthorised attempts or out-of-hours access.
  • Reduce Risk of Theft

Set alerts to trigger if doors are wedged open. Click on the alert to see camera footage before, during and after the incident; automatically linked and readily available to speed up investigation. Check that no unaccounted-for goods were removed, and no unauthorised people entered a storage area.

Why should you choose Almas Industries for your access control system and extended security solutions for your business?

We have been security and protecting UK and Irish businesses for over 16 years. We are focussed on the right solution for your needs, backed up with a full service and maintenance programme – with outright purchase or leasing options available.

Our team of Security Consultants and Engineers are poised to deliver you the best security for your site. We are PSA and SSAIB accredited for your peace of mind.


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    Still have some questions?

    These may help…

    StiD readers utilise BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) which is also known as Bluetooth 4.0. Essentially, compared to standard Bluetooth, the main difference is in BLE’s low power consumption.

    In Access Control applications, the benefit of BLE is that it significantly decreases battery usage in the users’ smartphones. It could also lend itself to possibilities for battery-operated access readers in certain circumstances.

    BLE Bluetooth remains in a ‘sleep’ state until a connection is initiated. The connection time is around 100 times shorter than standard Bluetooth. These low-energy characteristics make Bluetooth access control readers increasingly popular.

    We know you want a price, right here, right now! However, the cost of a working solution has to be quoted based on your site, where the readers will be placed, whether there is power, the number of readers, installation time and many more factors. To give you an accurate quote that we will stick to, we need to conduct a site survey. Go on, get in touch..

    This is a bit of a grey area. The driving laws have been tightened up recently on the use of mobile phones while in the car to make the roads safer. Technically handling your phone at all in a vehicle is illegal and can result in prosecution.

    However, there was a recent amendment in the law that we believe is a comparable situation. We are swiftly moving towards a cashless society and using your phone to make payment at a drive thru for example is not an endorsible offence. If you’d like to read more on what you can and can’t do with your phone while driving- here’s a great article from JMW law

    If Bluetooth is continually on, then feasibly access could be granted by the phone being in its holder in the car in close enough proximity to the reader, but as we know, this drains your mobile battery.

    We are going to seek further clarification on this subject..