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Top 5 security trends to watch out for in 2022

Almas Team

"Many have opted to upgrade their time and attendance systems as a result to ensure they are accurately recording attendance and are compliant with the WTD (working time directive)".

Now that 2021 is in the past and a new year is officially in play, let’s take the time to look at some of the exciting new security trends that your firm needs to watch out for this year:


1) Employee wellbeing and attendance


Having survived 2 years of the pandemic and now starting off our third year, there have been many changes that businesses have needed to make regarding the way that they operate. One of these is the general work schedule.

As businesses have come to expect their staff to take more sick days to help stop the spread of the virus, many have needed to better adapt their staff management systems to compensate for their missing staff to prevent the knock-on effect it will have on workplace productivity. Many have opted to upgrade their time and attendance systems as a result to ensure they are accurately recording attendance and are compliant with the WTD (working time directive).


2) Workplace flexibility


With the widespread adoption of the infamous hybrid-work business model, more and more companies are ditching the traditional 9-5 pm for a more flexible model. Research conducted by Mckinsey, has shown that 80% of people prefer to work from home, whereas 41% of people claim to be more productive in the office than they were when they were working from home.

With this in mind, if businesses choose to continue to support working from home, it is important for businesses to rethink the way that they utilise time and attendance systems to allow for the support for remote attendance monitoring.


3) Investment in Cyber Security


The other effect of the pandemic is the increase in reliance on technology in day-to-day operations. Unfortunately, this has been met with an increase in security breaches leaving businesses wide open and vulnerable to attacks and potential threats.

UK businesses have lost a whopping £6.2 million to cyber scams due to the 31% increase in security breaches. It is now paramount that investment in cyber security is increased to compensate for the rapid growth in increasingly sophisticated cybercrime.


4) Cloud integrated platforms


Platforms with build-in cloud connectivity integration are now of high importance due to the various advantages that a cloud system can hold. They also allow for an additional layer of protection.

Cloud connectivity can greatly complement physical security solutions. From reducing storage and maintenance costs of video surveillance to the ability to monitor access of sites remotely via the use of smartphones.


5) AI will be a part of everyday life


Artificial intelligence is already quite well known in the security industry with applications such as event alerts and the ability to reduce false positives in CCTV systems and biometric access control systems.

The technology has expanded into wider use of applications such as automatic fall detection in elderly care homes and even surface detection.


Stay ahead of the security trends


As the business world continues to adapt to the changing security demands in 2022, it is important that you stay ahead of the competition by knowing how you can utilise these key trends.

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