Vandalism: Leaving you with more than just an expensive bill

Almas Team

"vandalism is deliberate destruction with the sole aim of damaging it".

Traces of broken windowpanes and shop windows are unfortunately becoming a normal part of the cityscape. Traces of vandalism can be encountered every day and represents a real danger for many entrepreneurs and new businesses. Whether you are a car dealer, production company or a pharmacy, businesses in all industries are at risk. Even less are adequately protected.


Does vandalism always mean damage to properties?


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The Cambridge dictionary defines the term vandalism as “the crime of intentionally damaging property belonging to other people:”. Vandalism is therefore always a consequence of the perpetrators’ willingness to use violence and tends to take place without any motive. The property damage does not occur because it serves an actual purpose, such as theft of an item which could be referred to as property damage. Rather, vandalism is deliberate destruction with the sole aim of damaging it. Nevertheless, when being persecuted, it usually falls under the penalty of property damage, since vandalism is not technically a fixed penalty in its own right.


Where does vandalism tend to take place?


The most common examples of vandalism in public space are probably known to most: graffiti on building walls, in underpasses and trains, theft of taps in a public toilet, rubbish bins being trampled on, scratched windows, on car doors, desecrated bus stops, destroyed bicycles and even more.

However, the risk of vandalism for companies is underestimated. The consequences of the devastation of vandalism are most likely to be seen in retail through the destroyed shop windows during riots. Violent groups break into premises only to devastate and ransack them. There is considerable damage to furniture, goods, and walls.

The same thing happens on the outside of buildings, for example in car dealerships or on construction sites. These are particularly at risk due to their easier access.


Disastrous consequences for businesses


Vandalism has serious consequences for entrepreneurs and employees. The resulting costs are difficult to bear, and this is especially for small businesses, being just as difficult to compensate. Not just that, repair work takes time and usually must be carried out during work hours which means that the businesses will not be able to open during the repairs.

Important and sensitive data may also have been destroyed in the process of vandalism if computers are damaged and inadequately secured. In addition, there is a psychological burden on everyone involved in the company. Employees can even end up feeling unsafe in the building and could fear another break-in.


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A better way to deter criminals


The best way to prevent crime is to deter the perpetrators to begin with.

New cutting-edge CCTV security cameras and intruder alarms give business owners real time alerts if someone is vandalising their grounds and property. Whether you monitor them yourself or outsource to an ARC monitoring centre, being able to see in real time whether an unauthorised intruder on site, allows you to react swiftly and limit damage and loss. New IP cameras give full colour day and night, you can also set them to play a pre-recorded message, or to really let them know the game is up, talk to them in real time. Imagine a would-be vandal hearing, ‘You are not authorised to be on this property, the police have been called, yes – You in the red coat with the jeans and cap. We have HD footage and will prosecute should you cause further damage.’

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