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icon of covid19 crossed out Why do Food Manufacturing companies need effective access control?

4°C has been indentified as a ‘sweet spot’ for Covid-19 by SAGE (the UK Governments’ Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies). It’s no surprise, and no fault of companies that outbreaks of Covid-19 keep happening in food manufacturing plants across Europe.

icon of covid19 crossed out How can food manufacturing companies protect their teams and their ability to operate moving forwards?

Knowing who is on your site, and when, has never been more important. Stopping potential infection at the door could be the difference between temporarily shutting down, or a couple of workers isolating. Talk to us today.

Biometric Access Control with Optional Temperature Detection

  • Monitor Access

    Changes in working patterns, higher absence rates due to self-isolation and illness, is making it difficult to accurately track who is on site, and when.

    Biometric access control makes reporting and contact tracing simple, unfalsifiable and quick.

  • Optional Fever and Mask Detection

    Protect your business and its ability to operate by monitoring temperatures while controlling access. One infectious employee could soon grind your business to a halt if unchecked.

    Ask us about our ‘safe pad’, an anti-viral self-adhesive door ‘push’ pad that is certified resistant to Coronavirus. It inhibits coronavirus growth for up to years.

    Facial access control readers with optional temperature and mask detection can be part of your Covid-19 prevention measures without slowing down the flow of people across your site.

  • Reduce Risk of Theft

    Set alerts to trigger if doors are wedged open. Know exactly who was in a high value storage area, and when.

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CCTV and Temperature Checking Thermal Cameras

  • Mass Temperature Detection

    If you want to take extra precautions to ensure your workforce aren’t carrying a fever into your business, mass temperature detection thermal cameras allow you quickly identify potentially infectious individuals without slowing footfall.

    Accurate to internationals temperature standards, thermal cameras can be part of your Covid-19 risk prevention  measures.

  • Protect the Perimeters

    Monitor the grounds of your depot, including parking areas and warehousing using surveillance cameras. Deter persistent intruders by coupling security cameras with a perimeter detection system and monitoring centre intruder challenge.

  • Licence Plate Recognition Cameras

    Control gate access with biometric readers and LPR cameras. Reduce time for security staff having to police car parks. Couple with CCTV to quickly resolve any disputes with regards to bumps or scratches.

  • Monitor and Track Goods and People

    IP CCTV cameras allow you to monitor and track goods through the storage and dispatch cycle reducing internal theft. Trace an item back or people movements using camera analytics.

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Time and Attendance

  • Stop Time Theft

    Food manufacturing often involves complicated shift patterns and 24 hour operations, making collating and verifying time sheets an on-going challenge.

    Biometric time terminals stop buddy punching and give accurate to the second reporting.

    Save HR and management hours with full hours worked records.

  • Optional Temperature and Mask Detection

    Want the added benefit of checking that your team are fever free when they check in OnTime?

    The facial recognition time and attendance tablet has the optional extra of temperature detection and can check users are wearing masks in mandatory environments.

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How much is time theft costing your Manufacturing Business?

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Why Almas? The Right Solution For Food Manufacturers

Almas understands that your access control solution needs to not only ensure that people can access authorised areas, but also deliver more; access control with temperature and mask detection options works in today’s post Covid-19 world.

We will build you an integrated security solution to protect your workforce and your ability to trade. Almas customers have access to a technical hotline 24/7 and strict support SLAs. Improve security and save management time by investing in a flexible and scalable solution..


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