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Uhlmann & Zacher wireless door lock and cylinder

Convenient, Easy to Use Door Access Control

ONE PASS is a new wireless access control module from Almas Industries: it integrates Uhlmann & Zacher stylish electronic door locks, handles and cylinders with Optima’s access control software to deliver a simple-to-use door entry system for multiple scenarios.
This offline module delivers the capability to convey access rights to DESFIRE proximity cards or fobs. Once programmed the fobs or cards then grant the holder access to specified door handles or cylinders.

These wireless electronic door locks can be combined with different access control models for a full security solution that manages visitors, staff and contractor movements through your site.

Door ajar showing wireless door lock full handle version

What are the benefits of electronic door locks?

Simple and cost-effective installation
  • This wireless door entry system eliminates cabling, additional locking mechanisms and door controllers which reduces installation time and cost.
  • You can install in detached locations that aren’t connected to the main building, are isolated, or have no power supply
  • They can be retrofitted to most doors between 30mm and 110mm thickness, even glass doors.
Offline access control within a wider security system
  • The offline mode means that there doesn’t need to be a network connection between the door and the Optima software at all times.
  • Optima software allows you to mix and match online readers, such as fingerprint scanners or facial readers and offline access control readers for a comprehensive but cost effective security solution.
  • Optima software also integrates with CCTV and other security solutions in our 360 platform which further improves safety, security and efficiency across your site.

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Which electronic door locks are right for my business?

The size and layout of your site, the usage and the split between visitors, contractors and staff areas will all influence which is the best door entry system for your business. Offline mode may be fine for some areas, but in others you may want a higher level of security and accountability.

You need a solution that works for you, your visitors, and your employees which is simple and easy to use and administer while still effectively securing your site.

How Wireless Door Entry Systems Work

The offline nature of these electronic door locks for doors mean that the authentication credentials and events are held in the card or badge until it is represented to the master configuration reader which is connected to the Optima software.

When the badge is next presented to the master reader, the events then merge into the same timeline as the general Optima event history.

Door Entry System Design Components:
  • Optima Box
  • PC/ Laptop to run the software
  • Master Configuration Reader
  • U&Z door handles or cylinders
  • DESFIRE Badges
Additional Features:
  • It also passes information such as battery level in the door or if the lock is blocked.
  • The master configuration reader signifies with LEDs and sounds that writing of rights has been successful.
  • There is a blacklist badge if a card or fob is stolen, the card is added to the ‘blacklist’ and then the blacklist badge is taken to the relevant door readers to update them.

Applications for Electronic Door Locks

These wireless, keyless door entry systems are perfectly suited for specific environments, and can work seamlessly with a networked solution across the rest of your business.

Hotel room

More Visitors than Regular Users

If you have a high volume of doors used by temporary visitors such as in hotels or rental properties, then wireless door locks are a great solution. You aren’t too concerned about where customers are, and when, so if the events lists aren’t updated immediately, it’s not important.

  • Mix and match with other readers such as fingerprint and face scanners for staff or stock holding areas.
  • Stylish finish
  • Lower installation cost
  • Flexible for variable length stays

Multiple Companies in One Building

Wireless door entry systems are ideal for buildings that are segregated up into multiple workspaces for different companies.

  • Cost-effective installation due to reduced cabling.
  • Flexible installation due to different handle and cylinder configuations.
  • Fixed term contract badges can be issued.
  • Access can be revoked if there is persistent non-payment through use of the blacklist badge.
  • Cleaners’ or managements’ badges can provide a check in for door battery levels/ faults
Landscape showing an isolated village to indicate that offline readers can be installed anywhere!

Remote or Separate Locations

Locations that sit outwith the core site or main building are challenging to include in networked access control systems.

Outbuildings without power or network connection.

Examples include:

  • Gates to jetties at marinas
  • Service buildings/ substations in rural areas
  • Stables, cattery or kennels
  • Astroturf pitches, tennis courts, bowling areas


Three female children in school uniform walking through door


At Almas Industries, we believe that biometric access control systems are the most safe and secure for school environments when door entry is being used by staff and parents.  However, if you wish students under 18 to be able to access buildings, then because they are children, the UK GDPR and GDPR denotes that you take particular care of the collection, processing and storage  of their personal data.

For this reason, you may decide a fob or card system is more appropriate.

  • Define access to specific areas / doors within the site.
  • Allow access only at specific times of day/ week.
  • Control access to sportsgrounds/ fenced pitches.
entry systems for lockers in storage facility

Self Storage

Still using padlocks with keys or 4 digit pin codes for your roller shutter lockers? Imagine your users not having to worry about keys because the fob that opens the front door, also opens their locker..

  • Great user experience
  • Electronic door handles for smaller units
  • Stop non-payers from accessing their unit
  • Integrate as part of your wider access control system which could include ANPR gate entry or biometric readers on staff areas or high value units.


enclosed tennis courts, ideal for electronic door padlocks

Sports Facilities

Do you have an astroturf pitch, tennis courts or bowling ground that is being used regularly by non-members?

  • Stop out of hours usage by implementing door access control
  • Easy wireless installation with no power required
  • Check battery levels regularly preventing down time
  • Reliable and robust cylinders and handles
  • *Note that you are reliant on members reattaching padlocks if this is the option chosen*

Why should you choose Almas Industries’ Electronic Door Lock solutions for your business?


We have been installing door entry systems in UK and Irish businesses with between 5-50,000 businesses for over 16 years and are part of the Almas Industries Group with over 30,000 installations across Europe.

Our expert Security Consultants guide you through the process of discovering which access control configuration is best for your sites, business and employees. We then deliver installation and ongoing support and service to SSAIB standards.



Business Consultation

We offer a comprehensive, free, no-obligation consultation prior to quoting, to ensure we understand your business’ requirements.

This could start with a phone or teams call, but will require a site visit to identify installation requirements.


Tailored Quote

Our Security Consultants will then determine the right solution for your door entry system needs and then build the quote around your requirements.

We offer leasing and outright purchase options, with full support and maintenance if required.



A system design proposal is completed in accordance with SSAIB requirements prior to installation.

Our team of Security Engineers install your system on-site to SSAIB standards and deliver training to your key users.


Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Your door entry system hardware is covered under the terms of your maintenance agreement.

After commissioning, additional or refresher virtual training can be arranged if required as new HR users or managers join.

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Future proof your door entry system to improve productivity and make sure your site is safe, secure and protected. Get in touch to discuss which access control system could be right for your business.

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