Optima ID Fingerprint Access Control

All events are recorded in the Optima software, passages can also be used as ‘clocking in’ or ‘clocking out’ events and therefore used for time and attendance reporting.

  • Integrate additional security solutions including CCTV and intruder alarms.
  • Know exactly who is on site for health and safety purposes and in the event of an evacuation.
  • Biometric readers can be used to set and unset alarms, and link events to CCTV cameras to further enhance security and make incident investigation quicker and more effective.
  • Fingerprint access control replaces traditional systems with a credential that can’t be lost or stolen, rendering old access control methods such as keys, fobs, and badges obsolete.

Why should you choose fingerprint access control for your business?


Access is granted by utilising data that cannot be reproduced, stolen, or used by unauthorised parties. It works by analysing whether the fingerprint matches the recorded template and other information saved in the system, reducing the risk of unauthorised entry. Fingerprint access control systems provide an unrivalled level of security for businesses.


Instantly validate identity and guarantee that only authorised individuals can access your secure areas such as server rooms, high value stock storage areas, R&D, HR records storage or laboratories using fingerprint recognition.


Convenient and quick to verify identity and grant access in less than half a second. Optima ID works using biometric and/ or MIFARE DESFire RFID technology. Your users can identify with fingerprints, proximity cards or both. Remotely enrol or remove people from the system in a couple of clicks, ensuring that the database of authorised users is always up to date.


Internal and external options for all weathers and locations with anti-vandal safeguards. Built in anti-vandal safeguards. IP65 rated. Operates in temperatures from -30°C to +60°C.


Optima ID fingerprint access control readers display feedback to guide your users during enrolment or identification. The display also shows door status, sector identification, the time and company name.


Our fingerprint security system will confirm when an employee arrives, and leaves work. Biometric authentication produces more accurate time logs with fewer errors. Because it cannot be fooled, it enables more reliable attendance monitoring for payroll purposes. It’s perfect for monitoring agency, hourly paid or temporary workers.


To maintain security of your fingerprint access control system, the reader activates shutoff mode, alert or alarm if the reader is ripped from the wall.


Fingerprint data is encrypted using a proprietary algorithm and cannot be used outside the system. This solution is GPDR compliant, and GDPR templates for compliance and communication to users are part of our support package.

Optima ID Fingerprint Access Control Reader Features

Accuracy rate ≥99.5%. Supports liveness detection

Verification accuracy ≥99

IP65 protection – Water and dust resistant

Anti-UV materials, sensor protector to shield sensor from sunlight.

Anti-vandalism protection – the reader activates shutoff mode, alert or alarm if the reader is ripped from the wall.

Dual factor authentication – Optional dual factor authentication with cards/ fobs.

Supports alarm output – Anti-passback, Tamper, Duress, Door sensor timeout, illegal intrusion.

Operating Temperature – -30°C to +60°C


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Combine Your Fingerprint Access Control with Optima Access Control Software for Greater Control and Flexibility

Secure and seamless user experiences with biometric authentication.

Multiple desktop images showing 360 security plans and views

Onboard and offboard users in seconds or from your mobile 

Manage access times by group: i.e. management, staff, contractors 

Conveniently remotely open doors or gates from your phone 

Use with facial recognition, fingerprint access control, vein or RFID or Bluetooth readers 

Receive notifications of unauthorised access attempts 

Improve efficiency and save time through integration with your existing management software


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How it works




When you place your finger on the biometric reader, the reader checks your fingerprint against the ‘biometric template’ that was established when you were registered in the system. Your access will then be validated or refused based on your access rights.




The Liguard controller communicates to the door locks (either magnetic or electrolocks) whether they should release or not. The fingerprint access control reader will tell you whether your identity has been verified or denied.




All events are logged in the encrypted Optima software, which maintains your fingerprint access control system from enrolment through comprehensive occupancy, entrance, and egress reporting. The programme may be accessed either locally or remotely through a network connection. Optima mobile provides mobility and control while on the go.




Optima integrates with CCTV, anti-intrusion solutions and Optima Time and attendance module delivering a comprehensive security system.

Why Almas? The Right Access Control Solution, For Your Business

We’ve worked with UK businesses from 5-50,000 employees over the last 16 years; securing and protecting premises, property and people and are SSAIB accredited for your peace of mind. This means we adhere to strict criteria and procedures with regards to vetting of our team, health and safety and installation quality and checks.

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Our security engineers and consultants support our customers effectively due to their expert knowledge; they are committed to providing you safety, security and peace of mind.

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The scalable solution you receive is tailor-made for you now, and in the future. Integration with your management software is feasible, contact us for more information.

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We remove the burden of security by giving you an end-to-end solution including maintenance and service to SSAIB standards.



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    Fingerprint scanners are generally considered to be one of the most reliable forms of biometric authentication, because they are based on unique physical characteristics that are difficult to duplicate.

    However, while difficult, it’s not impossible to fool fingerprint scanners in some cases, because, like any security measure, they aren’t foolproof if ... read more

    No, because we don’t keep a picture of your fingerprint on our database. During enrolment, unique points (called minutiae) on your fingerprint are analysed and mapped. Then these are coded into a binary template using a proprietary algorithm.

    Read more

    Yes, fingerprint templates created through companies using biometric access control is covered under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This means that the collection, storage, use and retention of the data must be carefully thought through. A PIA (privacy impact assessment) should be undertaken to ascertain whether it is a reasonable impingement of a person’s right to privacy.
    Read more

    Yes, but under the GDPR there is a special category of ‘vulnerable data subjects’ and children or Individuals can be vulnerable where circumstances may restrict their ability to freely consent or object to the processing of their personal data, or to understand its implications. You must undertake a Data Protection Impact Assessment to help you identify and systematically analyse, identify and minimise the data protection risks of a project or plan. Ask us for further information.
    Read more

    In the UK it’s the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO); organisations that process data should be registered with them. If you’re unsure whether you should be there is a simple and effective self-assessment tool that you can use to check.

    For Ireland it’s the Data Protection Commissioner; you can find advice on their website.
    Read more

    The lens is a glass surface and therefore, yes, as with any surface, if germs are deposited from one finger they could in theory be transmitted to the next user. We are all more conscious of this post Covid.

    What is important to acknowledge is that this is true of any surface, for example a door plate or handle. We subconsciously touch many surfaces throughout the day, and risk ‘contaminating’ our hands as a result.

    When we use a fingerprint reader it is a conscious action, this makes it an opportunity to create a good habit afterwards, such as having a wall mounted hand sanitiser after the door and encouraging all users to use it after passing through the door.

    If everyone is regularly washing their hands anyway, then contamination of the biometric readers and any other surface, and therefore risk of infection, will be… read more

    Some can, it will very much depend on the build quality of the fingerprint scanner, and the supporting software.

    Poor quality sensors can be fooled in a number of ways including:

    • Fake fingerprints – a 3d mould of an authorised finger
    • A real finger – sounds a bit macabre, but unless your fingerprint scanner has liveness detection, a chopped off finger could allow an imposter to gain access/ authentication
    • Latent prints – silicon or gelatin impressions of a fingerprint you left on a surface (think James Bond)
    • Hacking into the software to open doors automatically – ok this isn’t quite fooling the fingerprint scanner, but the intruder could still gain access.

    High quality fingerprint scanners shouldn’t be susceptible to such attacks because.. read more


    Most people (well anyone over the age of 35) will remember the flip tricorders of Star Trek and Mission Impossible masks, but do you realise quite how many of our now mainstream biometric devices were first conceived of by science fiction writers?

    Biometrics At the Movies details the films that inspired …read more

    Certain factors can affect the strength of a person’s fingerprint, both temporary and permanent.

    These include age, profession, genetics and read more