Blue Screen Medics – Event Medical Services


Operating across Ireland, Blue Screen Medics are an Event Medical Services provider to film sets, TV, commercials, sporting events, Corporate events and water-based events. Thermal temperature detection cameras have been included in their Covid-19 risk prevention strategy to keep their staff and customers safe.

Blue Screen Medics are an Event Medical Services provider since 2008 specialising in supporting crews and evens in TV, film and sport. Recently on the Vikings set – and aren’t we all jealous!

They can supply all event medical services, from a single medic to an emergency ambulance, crewed with PHECC registered Practitioners.



Why did you decide to invest in a thermal, temperature detection camera?

“It has greatly reduced the time coming onto site and adheres to our ethos on prevention management while a cure is still being found.”


How do you find using the camera?

“Very easy to use, the system is small and light while also offering the ability to screenshot the reading and save. Also we can be on multiple sites ranging from offices to fields to mountains so portability is the key.”


Why did you choose Almas as a supplier?

“We saw it on another site and were passed Almas’ details. We made enquiries and after meeting the Customer Care manager Seamus, we went ahead with 2 handheld cameras initially. My point of contact, Seamus, has been on hand every step of the way and I can get him on the phone any time of the day.”