Health and Fitness Sector: NC Fitness, Rush, Ireland

NC Fitness
Anastasios Nicolaou, Owner

Biometrics is a great system, which gives us control

The history of NC Fitness

NC Fitness was started by Anastasios (Aky) Nicolaou in 2008. The gym has a large selection of cardio and weight training equipment, and runs over 20 different classes each week. Members can choose from a variety of different options, and personal training programs are also available. The gym has over 600 members and needed an access control solution that worked. Almas installed a biometrics fingerprint reader linked to a turnstile.

Why choose Biometrics?

Aky said “we needed someway of controlling who was entering the gym. Previously we had a key fob system, but it was prone to problems like people forgetting or loosing their fobs. When Almas approached us we thought that the biometric finger print reader and turnstile was a great idea”.

The great thing about the biometric system is that we don’t have to stay on reception all the time – members can come and go as they please – as long as their account with us is up-to-date, they have access”.

Investing in DOC: potentially saving lives

We further invested in the DOC defibrillator because we felt that this would offer us reliability. It is good to know that if a sudden cardiac arrest should happen to one of our members or staff, we have the equipment to be able to save their life.