How Much Do Access Control Systems Cost?

In an increasingly digital and security-conscious world, one question from businesses persists: "How much do access control systems cost?"

In an increasingly digital and security-conscious world, one question from businesses persists: “How much do access control systems cost?” Understanding what drives the cost becomes increasingly pertinent as more firms realise the necessity for more advanced security measures. Frankly, it’s a mixed bag, with prices impacted by system type, number of access points, complexity, and specific features. The key point to remember, is that the most expensive system in the world is pointless if it doesn’t work for the way your business operates.

In this article, we will look at the costs of various access control systems in order to help you make an educated selection for your business.




PIN Systems: A simple choice

Let’s kick things off with the simplest of the lot: PIN access control systems. They are a common option for small enterprises with only a few doors to control. They are a low-cost alternative, with beginning prices in the low hundreds of pounds. They are basic and work to limit access without breaking the budget.

While PIN-based access control systems are simple to set up, they have inherent security risks, such as a user sharing their PIN or an outsider seeing/ being told of it and using it to enter the building. Furthermore, because the same PIN code is frequently used by multiple users, it is impossible to determine who used the code to enter the building if a breach occurs. Leavers or temporary workers present a security risk once they have left the business, unless the code is changed every time, which, invariably, they aren’t.

Card or Fob Systems: A slight Step up for Security

When it comes to larger organisations, the narrative deepens. More elaborate card or fob systems are sometimes used instead of PIN codes, these cost between £1,000 and £2,500 per door. This rough estimate usually includes the card reader, access cards or fobs, and software management system. It is an improvement over PIN systems in terms of security and control, however there is still a risk if cards or fobs are misplaced or stolen.


proxy fob being held up to U&Z door handle


Wireless Door Entry

If you’re looking for an offline solution, a wireless door entry system such as OnePass might be right for you.

OnePass is a versatile standalone solution that offers seamless and efficient badge management from a single point. Wireless installation, long-lasting battery life, and compatibility to retrofit existing doors. U&Z handles are fitted onto your door, and access is given when a bange with authorisation is presented.

This solution requires less equipment, meaning it can be cost effective option with all essential features in one product. Cost is around £600 per door.

Bluetooth Smartphone Access

This intelligent system uses Bluetooth to understand smartphone credentials and determine door access permissions, creating seamless and convenient access. The Bluetooth functionality ensures continuity of reader design, adding to its compatibility and user-friendliness. The capability to onboard new users remotely not only improves the user experience but also enhances operational efficiency. It can be a cost-effective solution rights for access are installed through the smartphone app.

Biometric Systems: The Pinnacle of Access Control

Then we have the big players: biometric access control systems. They’re the Aston Martin of door entry systems, using advanced technology like fingerprint, venal, iris or facial recognition. However, their superior features can come at a premium price in the thousands of pounds if purchased upfront. Spreading the costs can thus be a beneficial option for businesses looking to implement an ultra-secure system without breaking the bank. With this option, the monthly cost can be as low as £59 per month.

When you finance a biometric access control system from a provider such as Almas Industries, you also get ongoing servicing, installation, and maintenance. Spreading the costs through finance can therefore be a helpful choice for your business. This leads us onto the next cost…


Facial access control


Ongoing Costs: Software, Services, Installation & Maintenance

The cost of the technology is only part of the story. The cost of system management software, as well as any continuous service or maintenance fees, must be considered. Cloud-based services, for example, often demand a monthly or yearly subscription fee. Also, factor in the cost of the expert installation. Regular maintenance or updates may also be required contributing to the overall cost.

Flexible Payment Options: A Helping Hand

Investing in a top-of-the-line security system can be a significant financial commitment. That’s why Almas Industries offers several payment options to suit your financial circumstances. As a result, modern security measures become more accessible, and you can rest certain that your investment is not just a good security precaution, but also financially sound. Security updates are included as part of your package, keeping your data and site safe and secure.

Is It Worthwhile To Invest In An Advanced Security System, Such As One That Uses Biometrics?

There’s no denying that biometric access control systems come with a price tag, especially if purchasing it upfront. The cost varies based on the manufacturer, the system’s quality, and the accompanying software. However, keep in mind that this is a smart piece of technology offering ultra-security to your property. While there are less expensive choices available, sacrificing security for financial considerations can be a huge risk to businesses.
A cheap system may appear appealing at first, but it may leave you open to theft or other security breaches. Furthermore, a lower-cost solution may not guarantee safe processing and storage of important assets, thus exposing your company to privacy risks. As thieves become more sophisticated, so must your security protocols and protection.

A New Perspective: Viewing Access Control as an Investment

It is critical to consider the acquisition of an access control system as an investment in the security infrastructure of your company. While there is an overall expense for the system, the increased security, greater access management, and possible savings from avoiding security incidents can deliver a significant return on investment over time.

Don’t let the cost of the investment keep you from securing your business and becoming vulnerable to intruders. Contact our team and we can discuss your specific needs and find a solution that offers the right balance between cost, functionality, and security.

Remember, investing in an access control system isn’t just about the cost. It’s about securing your business, protecting your assets, and providing a safe environment for your employees. So, when you ask, “How much do access control systems cost?” consider the bigger picture: the long-term savings, increased security, and operational efficiency that a good access control system can bring.

Reach out to our team of experts today. Let’s discuss the best payment plan for your company and start reaping the benefits of advanced security. It’s an investment in peace of mind, and you can’t put a price on that.

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