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Improving Safety For The Manufacturing Industry With Access Control

Almas Team

Safety and productivity are the two main objectives of thriving industrial manufacturing facilities, with productivity relying on security to do its job in guaranteeing that workers, visitors, and plant managers have a safe environment. To create the most secure environment possible within the manufacturing sector, implementing a biometric access control system is a way to seamlessly assist the facility to reach greater efficiency, safety and productivity.


How Biometrics Helps the Manufacturing Industry

Plant managers have a much easier job with an access control system knowing that every employee and visitor to the premises has been accurately identified which reduces security risks.

Biometric access control is a tool that provides pinpoint accuracy in verifying permitted staff and visitors into areas of the facility using biometric reader technology.

Manufacturing facilities have heavy plant machinery, which requires specialist operators and safety training. Access to areas housing such machinery should be strictly controlled. R&D departments must be kept secure to protect intellectual property.

Identity cards, fobs, and keys are items that can easily be stolen, lent or replicated, but a fingerprint is nigh on impossible to replicate with the accuracy that a biometric reader requires, such as a fingerprint scanner. Matching a fingerprint to the biometric template created when the employee was first enrolled on the system is the safest and most accurate way to gain access instead of being denied permission. Ensuring that only authorised and trained personnel can access specific areas within your manufacturing facility, at specific times, is effectively achieved through biometric access control systems.

Safety with Health

Biometric readers also play a key role in ensuring those with access to sensitive parts of your business do not pose a risk to other employees, especially in the age of Covid-related illness.

Facial access control systems with temperature detection can prevent a permitted employee or visitor that is harbouring signs of a fever from entering a space where they can infect members of your workforce because their elevated temperature can be detected by the facial reader that is accurate to international standards (.03 degrees). In the manufacturing sector, the potential for a viral infection could cause a complete shutdown of production, especially if any food or clinical products were contaminated and due to be shipped to places such as hospitals or other high-risk areas.

This avenue of safety access control safeguards your company from potential shutdown or the threat of contamination to other countries you may supply products.


Health and Safety Quotas

Many manufacturing businesses operate limited personnel in specific areas for reasons of health and safety, especially in extremely busy areas of the premises.

Access control systems can be paired to turnstiles, doors and gates to ensure that the area does not exceed the number of personnel that should be occupying that area at any one time, keeping you compliant with any safety regulations in place and reducing the risk of accidents caused by overcrowded areas.

Biometric access control is an essential procedure for the increased security and productivity of the manufacturing industry.

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