Recruitment Sector: Linsco Ltd invests in Thermal Camera


A big thank you to Almas Industries UK & Ireland who have provided us with one of their handheld thermal cameras from their Covid-19 range.

Still running as a privately owned construction recruitment business since inception in 1978, Linsco Ltd are regularly asked by national contractors and clients to help with their recruitment demands every day and their network of national offices enables them to deliver local results effectively.


For over 40 years Linsco Ltd have been matching people with the best suited construction jobs, in all areas of trade and labour. The mentality across the business is that the best customers are repeat customers. Linsco pride themselves on making sure their contractors are given the best opportunities again and again.


The construction industry is one of the most heavily regulated and health and safety conscious sectors across the world; when assessing how to get their recruitment team back to work safely within the new Covid-19 world, management felt that temperature detection cameras should be part of their risk management strategy. Each employee is monitored at the start of their shift from a safe distance.