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Monitor fever

Up to 89% of Covid-19 positive patients presented with an abnormal temperature; making it the most prevalent symptom and one that could be disguised or overlooked in mild cases.

Quick, accurate screening

Body temperature detection, thermal camera systems accurate to within 0.3° allow businesses to identify employees, customers or visitors that may bring infection into the workplace and the wider workforce.

Get back to work, safely

Almas Industries’ temperature detection systems enable you to isolate potential carriers, thereby safeguarding your teams and business, while improving productivity and audit trails.

Facial Recognition System - Optional Fever and Mask Detection

  • Facial Recognition Readers

    Change communal pin codes, keys and door handles for contactless facial access control.

    Face scanners check who you are, not what you have. GDPR compliant algorithms ensure that data is protected.

    Swift, effective and secure access control to future-proof your site with Almas facial recognition systems.

  • Combine temperature detection with access control

    Stop any individual with an elevated skin temperature from accessing your business further. The temperature is logged and the Almas Industries’ software stops the door opening even if the biometric face template is authorised.

    We advise a further checking process that involves a medically certified thermometer away from the wider workforce as part of your range of protective measures.


  • Make masks mandatory

    In environments where masks are required, an option can be set to deny access unless both conditions are met; the user is wearing a mask and has a skin temperature that falls within the normal range.

    Contactless palm recognition can then be enabled to ensure only authorised people access your site.

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Mass Temperature Detection

  • Mass Body Temperature Detection Thermal Cameras

    Identify elevated temperatures of up to 30 people at a time up to distances of 9 metres depending on thermal camera model. Accurate to within 0.3°C when coupled with the black body, this solution provides a comprehensive and reliable system for high traffic environments.

  • Check for abnormal temperature before onward infection occurs

    Monitor employees as they start their shift, or customers as they enter your premises.

    Management software and integration with Almas access control software on an internal door can automatically deny access for any  individual with an elevated temperature. Further checks can then be conducted away from other employees.

    Get in touch to discuss which thermal camera model would be right for your business.

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Temperature Detection Thermal Camera Systems

  • Protect your team with temperature spot checks

    1-2-1 non-contact body temperature reading, thermal cameras for low traffic environments allow small businesses to check an individual when they have entered the building, before they are permitted to proceed past the reception area.

    Accurate to within 0.5°C and the re-chargeable battery can last up to 8 hours.

  • Stop potential infection at the door

    A standalone, quick, practical and cost-effective  thermal camera solution to determine whether staff, visitors or customers may be bringing potential infection into your business.

    Clearly this is not a test for Covid-19, but an early warning system that allows for further checks, confirmation with a medically certified thermometer and possible referral for testing as part of a comprehensive Covid-19 risk management response.

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Self-Adhesive Almas Anti-Viral Door Push Plate

  • Self Adhesive Anti-Viral Door Protection

    Looking to protect your customers and staff against Covid-19 transmission?

    Touching communal objects is a part of life and one that we used to do subconsiously, but now every communal surface has the potential to infect. Reduce the change of infection with the Almas safe pad; impregnated with anti-microbial silver ion coating that inhibits microbial growth.


    Your branding available on orders of 200+

  • Long Lasting

    We hope COVID-19 won’t be around forever, but if it is – these anti-viral ‘push’ plate pads will continue to work for up to two years.

  • Complies with: Resistant to Coronavirus (ISO 21702:2019)

    Successfully tested against Coronavirus; the revolutionary coating has been clinically tested to increase the resistance of any surface to the spread of Coronavirus.

    Slow release of the silver active ions provides long-term antimicrobial protection.

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