The History of Time and Attendance

How has time and attendance changed? What are the pertinent laws with regards to monitoring time and attendance. The increase in remote working is blurring lines between home and worklife - make sure your business is protected and can prove your team's working hours.




Rural crime in Ireland continues to be a hot topic of discussion. Many are blaming political indifference and the closure of numerous Garda stations. A recent report said that rural crime in Northern Ireland alone is costing 2.6 million a year. Whatever the reasons behind this apparent increase in crime, it is a situation that you can take steps to prevent by using CCTV to protect your business.


Is your business based in London? Then it is worth reading the latest statistics on crime, which show which areas of the city have the highest crime rate. You may be surprised by what you read. The spike in crime rates has rightly left many people concerned about security. Do you have the right security to help prevent burglary, robbery, vandalism and other threats to your business?


When you run a car dealership, whether franchised or independent, security needs to be a top priority when it comes to day-to-day business. You may assume that stealing a car from a dealership presents more problems than stealing a car off the street, but this is, in fact not the case - dealerships are often targeted by gangs who ‘steal to order’. In this article we will take an in-depth look at what you can do as a dealership to build a security system which helps to prevent costly vandalism or theft.