The History of Time and Attendance

How has time and attendance changed? What are the pertinent laws with regards to monitoring time and attendance. The increase in remote working is blurring lines between home and worklife - make sure your business is protected and can prove your team's working hours.




The collection of individuals’ biometric data is increasing, and the way it is processed continues to grow more sophisticated. Like any form of data, biometrics are potentially accessible by malicious sources. The stakes of potential biometric data breaches are much higher than other types of breaches. You can always replace a credit or debit card if your financial information is compromised, but if hackers broke into MasterCard’s ‘selfie pay’ tech, you would find it impossible to replace your face.


CCTV was first used in Germany in 1942 during preparations for the launch of the V2 rocket. Wanting a way to safely monitor the launch, an engineer created a crude camera-in-a-box that could feed live images to a monitor located at a safe distance.


With the GDPR Regulations a hot topic for all UK businesses right now, many people are getting in a panic about the implications of the new regulations for their day-to-day business. The obvious topics surrounding the application of GDPR have been extensively discussed, and while businesses must look closely at how they collect, store and manage personal data, some areas such as the usage of CCTV are often getting overlooked. Read on to find out more about how GDPR affects the use of CCTV.