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Multi-layered security systems to streamline operations

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CCTV and Anti-Intrusion Measures

  • Protect The Perimeters

    Monitor the grounds of your depot, including parking areas and warehousing using surveillance cameras. Deter persistent intruders by coupling security cameras with a perimeter detection system and monitoring centre intruder challenge.

  • Know who is on site, and when

    Control gate access with biometric readers and Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras; receive alerts and view site remotely on smartphones or browser

  • Reduce internal theft

    IP CCTV cameras allow you to monitor and track goods through the storage and dispatch cycle. Surveillance acts as a deterrent and allows you to trace missing items through the footage.

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Biometric Access Control

  • Control Access to Storage Areas

    Limit access to high value stock areas using fingerprint door locks. Logs can’t be falsified. Create alerts for unauthorised attempts or out of hours access.

  • Remote access, anywhere, any time

    Remotely open or lock any access point in the depot/ warehouse via your mobile or web browser if off site/ out of hours.

  • Simple and easy to use

    Enrol, suspend or delete users’ access in seconds. Almas’ Industries sleek, yet robust, fingerprint readers reduce the risk of intruders gaining unauthorised entry.  Set alerts to trigger if doors are wedged open.

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Staff Time and Attendance

  • Stop Time Theft

    The logistics and transport sector relies on shift workers, it’s vital to have a robust system to check billed hours against actual.

    Using fingerprints to clock in eliminates over-billing or ‘buddy-punching’ because they can’t be lost or lent to another.

  • Save Management Hours

    Start and finish times are accurate to the second. Save HR and management hours with full hours worked records.

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How much is time theft costing your logistics business?

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Cost of Time Theft

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Why Almas? The Right Solution, For Your Logistics / Haulage Business

Almas understand the need for a multi-layered security solution within the transport industry; access control, surveillance. monitoring and intruder solutions are required to meet the risks within the industry. We will build you an integrated security solution to protect your depot. Almas customers have access to a technical hotline 24/7 and strict support SLAs. Improve security and save management time by investing in a flexible and scalable solution..

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