DOC; the Connected Defibrillator

When cardiac arrest strikes, the DOC defibrillator contacts the emergency services directly so you are supported until the paramedics arrive.

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Press The Button To Speak To The Emergency Services

  • The Only Defibrillator To Connect You To Live Operator Support

    Faced with a colleague, friend or member of the public suffering a cardiac arrest in front of you, it’s difficult to remain calm and follow the chain of survival. This is why DOC defibrillator is connected 24/7.

    When you press the button, the DOC will call 999 (or any number programmed) and you will be supported by people trained to deal with medical emergencies.

  • The Geolocated Defibrillator

    Sadly too many public access defibrillators are stolen and never recovered. With DOC, the GPS location is transmitted to our remote monitoring centre so we know when a DOC is being moved and where it ends up.

    In large sites with medical departments, the GPS location can be given to help locate where the paramedics responding need to get to.


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DOC tells you if a shock is needed

  • Automatic Diagnosis Conducted

    The Defibrillator performs an ECG to determine if an electric shock is required. If not warranted, the DOC will not allow you to shock someone who doesn’t need it.

  • Automated Voice Guidance Through Every Step

    In addition to the telecare or 999 operator, integrated vocal guidance assists you in using the defibrillator. DOC tells you how to place the electrodes, perform CPR and how to deliver the shock.

    You are doubly reassured that you doing all you can to save a life while waiting for the paramedics to arrive.

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DOC Defibrillator: Remotely Tested Daily

  • Monitored 24/7 For Peace Of Mind

    DOCs functionality is tested remotely every day. Any problem is identified and then proactively resolved so the defibrillator is always ready for use.

    We check the defibrillator daily, so you don’t have to.

  • Defibrillator service and maintenance

    In the case of a defibrillator failure, and when the battery or electrodes need changing, our service department will contact you to arrange a service visit so we can check and fix any issues.

    Unlike a standard defibrillator, we take responsibility for maintaining the equipment, vis-a-vis the law.

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