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Why does your care business need effective security and access control?

Safety and security of residents is a prime consideration when selecting a care environment for elderly relatives or adults with special needs. Care and Residential Home security needs to be flexible; it needs to suit the needs of clinical staff and be practical for residents with differing physical or mental capacity. According to Care Home Environment, systems that use mechanical keys often do not meet all the access needs that a modern care home may have.

It’s never been more important to know exactly who is on your site, and when.

Biometric Access Control

  • Biometrics are better

    Almas Facial recognition or Fingerprint Access Control give care and residential homes a flexible and affordable management tool to determine who can gain entry to various areas within the premises, and when.

    Traditional access control systems such as pin codes, fobs, swipe cards or keys can all be lost, stolen, lent or forgotten or subject to abuse.

    Biometric access control give you an entry/ exit system that cannot be falsified. Almas’ GDPR compliant, sleek face scanners or fingerprint readers and software give you complete control of who accesses what parts of the site, and when, including drug storage areas.

  • Safeguarding Is Respected

    Almas’ biometric access control and Optima software’s flexibility means that Deprivation of Liberty / Liberty Protection Safeguards can be addressed for each individual resident.

    Anti-barricade features are built in due to the ability to remotely open any door via your mobile or the software if required.

    Alerts can be set if doors are wedged open, combined with CCTV snapshots to check if a resident absconds.

  • Fire Alarm Integration

    You need to be able to evacuate quickly and effectively in the event of a fire or emergency.

    Connect biometric readers to the fire alarm system and they will automatically dis-engage upon activation of the alarm.

  • Thermal Temperature and Mask Detection

    If you want an additional layer of protection for your staff and residents, the optional temperature detection and mask detection features can be activated in the facial access control system.

    With fever being the most prevalent symptom of Covid-19, temperature detection is a good early warning system; stop potentially feverish individuals from entering the care home. Enforce mask wearing for visitors and regular deliveries without having to tie up a member of staff.

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Safety Monitoring: Protect Staff and Residents

  • Protect Staff and Residents

    Residents are vulnerable, safeguarding and safety are paramount in their care environment.

    Staff can suffer verbal and physical abuse from residents with dementia or behavioural needs.

    Accusations of staff abuse severely damage a business’ reputation.

    CCTV cameras act as a deterrent; staff know that their actions are being recorded. In the event of an incident you can quickly clear a staff member’s name, or have evidence to take further action.

  • Health and Safety

    Accidents in care homes are inevitable: some are preventable, others are not.

    False claims are growing and threatening care businesses both financially and reputationally. CCTV footage provides evidence of unpreventable accidents.

    Safety monitoring protects your business from false and exaggerated claims from staff, visitors or residents.

  • Care Campaign for the Vulnerable

    Almas Industries are proud to support Care Campaign for the Vulnerable; promoting responsible CCTV to safeguard residents within a care environment.

    CCTV footage provides valuable training opportunities for future improved care.

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Staff Time and Attendance

  • Save Management Hours

    How much time do you spend collating and working out staff hours at the end of each month?

    How do you check whether their hours are correct?

    Familiarity between teams and junior management can lead to lateness going unreported, meaning you are over-paying.

  • Check Agency Hours

    Many care establishments use agency staff; in a 24hr operation management cannot physically check attendance on every shift.

    Biometric time and attendance means that records cannot be falsified.

    Simple time and attendance reporting gives you the evidence you need to make sure agency bills are accurate and drive down operational costs.

  • Optional Temperature Detection

    The Almas time and attendance tablet can be set to check the user’s temperature when they check in.

    Add this additional check as part of your Covid risk prevention measures while not slowing down the team at the beginning of a shift.

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Why Almas? The Right Solution, For Your Care Business

Almas are experts in security for the care sector. We will build you an integrated security solution to protect your residents, staff and business and can advise you of your responsibilities under GDPR. We offer a range of payment options including no upfront cost and full maintenance. Almas customers have access to a technical hotline 24/7 and strict support SLAs. Set yourselves apart from the competition alongside improving safety, security and saving management time..

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